June 15, 2021

Journey to a healthy life can be hard but also can be real easy

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11 thoughts on “Journey to a healthy life can be hard but also can be real easy

  1. How right you are. My wife was diagnosed with diabetes years ago after my daughter was born. Her weight at the time topped 250 (5 feet tall, ideal weight 125). After a brief hospital stay to stabilize her, she went home with too many instructions but a desire to get the weight off. Her second dietiction introduced the idea of eating smaller portions more frequently throughout the day. My son pointed out that his grandmother and his mother were diabetics and he insisted we all adopt her eating plan. She started walking, first to the end of the driveway, then down the block, then a mile out and a mile back 5 times a week. In less than 6 months she dropped 75 pounds and got off all medications. But the life change did us all a lot of good.

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