April 17, 2021


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When you want to get closer to someone, you talk to them; the more you talk to them, the more you know them. The reason why so many people don’t know God is because they barely have enough time to talk to Him.
How carelessly we approach the throne of God with our automatic prayer lists, mumbling a few words in the morning; then we leave Him out of our lives all day, until we rush through a few closing words at night. This is not the prayer program Jesus outlined through his lifestyle. Jesus always found time to talk to his father not minding the press of the multitude. Our Lord rose early in the morning and went out to a place of quietness to fellowship with his father
Prayer is an undying expression of our natural desire to grow spiritually. Through prayer the spirit of God anoints us with the life of God. Prayer strengthens our resolve, subjugates our human will, and will teach us to focus on God. Prayer is an abiding relationship with God. Every broken hearted prayer will rise unto the presence of God until it secures an audience at His throne.
Dear friends, you may not be able to pray in the thunderous tones of a prophet. Your prayer may be only the faintest whisper, but be rest assured, my friend, God will hear you, and many situations will change when we pray. Cultivate a habit of prayer today.
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  1. This is so true, and I’m glad to see it written for everyone to read. My life has become better in so many ways since I’ve deepened my relationship with God. Thanks for posting this.

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