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TBC-TheBillionCoin International Conference. At Cristina Villas Mountain Resort Taktak, ANTIPOLO.
WATCH Video Uploaded by Mbeh: https://youtu.be/zL3stAtRun8
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      1. I have not understood TBC clearly. In my country Uganda there is a company which is promoting TBC and it has held people’s money. People have finished four months without getting their roi. Remember these are poor people who first get loans in order to invest with a hope that they will be out of poverty. this company has a website http://www.tbcoinex.com. this company put so many conditions of TBC on people in order to invest their their money with it. This company forced all its members to open a TBC account on the same site. Opening just an accounts each member was charged 135 dollars. You can multiply this figure by the total number of its members. Also TBC has a special site where the same members were told to buy TBC coins and the cost was 135 dollars for 1 TBC. Time reached this company put a condition on its members to first buy certain amount of kringles in order to invest more money in this company. Each time they are coming up with new trick of taking away people’s money. It seems the kringles that people buy on their website are fake and it seems cannot work any where. Is this the aim of TBC. This is typical stealing. Why does TBC deceive or accept people to open wallet’s on different sites and again buy coins on another site. This clearly shows that one site is used to rob people if not all. If TBC is credible, why does it use other companies with different objectives to promote it. Can’t TBC promote it self without employing different companies. All those are tricks of TBC of stealing the poor people. The situation is a total mess here in Uganda, this is the fifth month when the money of investors is being held. Members can’t withdraw their money and that’s how TBC is working. People are in total tears. They don’t know whether they shall recover their money. This company claimed that the value of TBC doesn’t depreciate instead it increases daily. This is false, I can prove, its value is depreciating greatly. People in Uganda who invested in this company that is promoting TBC and sing TBC every second of their speech used for example to earn a monthly roi of 54 dollars on an investment of 135 dollars some months back when fewer members had joined. Currently it depreciated to monthly roi of 6.7 dollars on the same investment. Even that small roi cannot be paid. Am putting this claim on TBC because the company is impossing all conditions of TBC on its investors. If people claim that my post is false, let them come out and challenge it with evidence or let TBC team come out publically prove whether am posting false information.

  1. Thank you Walter for bringing out this. Am also a Ugandan and actually invested my hard borrowed money with this company that is claiming to be promoting TBC.
    My first investment with this company was in March this year, and i received return on investment for only two months. By end of May 2019, we were given a short deadline to open TBC accounts with Ug 500,000/= without fail. I personally complied and but was only given TBC details in Oct 2019. And now by end of Oct, they sent us another threatening message to pay Ug Shs 120,000 to redeem our TBC aacounts with USD 8 Million and that November was the last month for redemption in the whole lifetime of TBC. Believe me, i paid that money immediately hoping that the long awaited for TBC will now be usable, and they promised to redeem my account immediately. I visited their office recently and they told me my TBC account had expired. Since then i have been getting stories of how my account is going to be redeemed the following week. Today i have started the third week since i paid for TBC redemption.
    The whole thing is pathetically annoying and disturbing.
    Mr. TBC Admin, how can you help us out of this bondage? All staff have been trained to answer “Next Week” for every inquiry.
    Is this Company a true TBC agent or they are using it to mobilise money and cheat us the unsuspecting clients?
    This Company is called Online Investment Uganda. Please investigate and give us feedback.

    Yours faithfully,
    Clare, the disgruntled client.

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