May 8, 2021


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Exchanger will kill the mission of TBC, why? TBC was not programmed with the law of demand and supply, it was programmed with the law of supply only ( Means ABUNDANCE)

So demand is what TBC must achieve naturally and not artificially. By it likeness, it means people have to like it naturally and accept it as their money just like the way people like gold naturally accepted it as a valuable object.

So the main assumption of TBC admin is for people of this world to see TBC as digital gold and like it naturally to the extent of buying it with whatever they have either cash or goods or services and keep it tightly as something very valuable ( THIS IS WHAT IS CALLED NATURAL DEMAND). Just like the case of gold nobody created demand for gold, people sees gold and like it naturally and decided to buy it with whatever they have and keep it. (NATURAL DEMAND)

TBC came with the idea of supply instead of demand, which shows that TBC is the opposite of Fiat just as water is the opposite of fire and cold is the opposite of heat.

Now it’s left for humanity to create natural demand for TBC if we want to enjoy cool economy and subdue the power of economical heat that Fiat currency’s idea as brought for humanity

Artificial demand must not be created for TBC before it will achieve it 60% adoption rate. The meaning of this is that 600,000,000TBC must have been supply and distributed to individuals wallet before any firm or organization comes out to be an exchanger of TBC if not, any exchanger that comes out now and able to run it exchange platform successfully will surely accumulate nothing less than 600,000,000TBC in their wallet before total coin supplied running in the TBC blockchain which is 1,000,000,000TBC will be distributed, and any wallet that contain 60% of total coin supply of TBC will be the one controlling TBC economy and the owner of such wallet can determine which amount of coin to supply and how much to supply it, then TBC will be subjected to demonic artificial supply power instead of the divine natural supply that it came with.

Indeed those innovations are owned and controlled by the elites (DEMONIC PEOPLE) but yet they are still looking for gold and other valuable metals to buy till today. Tell me who is the supplier of gold?
Who is controlling the price of gold?
What is determine the price of gold?
Where is the market of gold?

The truth is that if tbcians can hold and address and nurse TBC like gold, elites will have no choice than to accept TBC as gold just the way the holders accept it and look for it to buy with their products, companies, inventions and all that they hold and control, because they need to switch to where humanity have switch to, because all their products, companies and inventions are useless without humanity endorsement, because what elites control with their power is humanity, and once humanity has shifted from what they have as power which is Fiat currency, then they also need to adopt what humanity has adopted in other not to have their inventions and innovations useless, and once they come to adopt what humanity has adopted then power of money (WHICH IS POWER OF CONTROL) will be shifted from them to humanity. But tbcians need a lot of endurance, hardworking, cooperation and prayers to achieve this for the coming generations.

Engr. Ajibade Mathew

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