June 12, 2021

Omoyele Sowere Arrested by the SSS

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THE AAC Presidential Candidate in the just concluded; Omoyele Sowere has been arrested by the SSS

Omoyele Sowere who was the first Presidential candidate of AAC and the popular publisher of Sahara Reporters has been arrested by the SSS.
What could Mr Sowere have done to deserve this from a state that claimed to uphold the tenets of democracy?
According to the Premium time report; He was arrested and his phone was confiscated by the security agents that arrested him.
By Political insights, Omoyele Sowere is just like a journalist who who publishes the truth about the abnormal conducts of Nigeria leaders without fear.
Perhaps, the state will give answers to the questions that ordinary people in the country is now asking.
Are we still practicing democracy?

Nigeria leaders and unprofessional politicians are trying to annihilate the future of the country owing to their selfish motives.
Documentation for your awareness!

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