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There are some that have expressed a concern about the Policy to hold the TBC Billionaires accountable starting on September 1st, 2019. Let’s consider the alternative, what would happen if we allow the TBC Billionaires to just sit back and sleep? If you look closely at the numbers in the Bitcoin Contests, they tell you exactly what will continue to happen if we don’t hold the TBC Billionaires accountable. Do you see that we only have 200 to 300 Members doing any recruiting? It has been that way for many months now. Should we just not care, and let whatever happens, happen? In other words, should we just let TBC fail, due to a lack of effort and participation? What happens to the millions and billions in YOUR TBC Wallet if we fail, and die? Failure is the Alternative to this new Policy! Haven’t we all put something of value into TBC over the course of three and a half years? I’ve poured sweat, blood, and tears into building TBC and I’m certainly NOT going to allow TBC to die! We need to pump up the numbers, and we must pump them up NOW! Consider the alternative carefully before you start expressing your concerns about this Policy. Also, remember if YOU are one to express this concern then YOU are part of the problem leading to the death of TBC. If so, YOU are exposing this about YOURSELF, do YOU really want to be seen that way?

So what is the big deal about this Policy? Is it the monthly payment of the Admin Fee? Or, is it the requirements needed to become a Full-Timer in TBC? Let’s examine these… The Admin Fee is about $22 a month. Do you think we have been collecting enough Admin Fees to cover the costs to build a community of 1Billion and provide them all the support they require from the Admin side, or enough to build a blockchain and wallet system to meet the needs of doing billions of transactions a day, securely? So, let me get this straight, YOU think $22 a month is too much to ask from YOU, to turn YOU into a Billionaire? Where else can YOU become a Billionaire? That’s right, NO-WHERE! If you think $22 a month is too much, then it is hopeless for YOU to ever become a Millionaire, let alone a Billionaire! Only in an emerging new economy that is in its distribution phase is any of this even possible. YOU are lucky enough to have found us NOW! If YOU really believe YOU are too poor to pay $22 a month, then be happy to move down to the Millionaire Zone, because YOUR belief about YOURSELF is preventing us from turning YOU into a Billionaire. That is an option for YOU now, return the distribution that would turn YOU into a TBC Billionaire, and accept the position of being a TBC Millionaire instead. This Policy only affects those holding 1 Whole TBC coin or more, so it doesn’t impact those holding less than that, in other words the TBC Millionaires. YOU don’t have a choice regarding this Policy, YOU can’t keep a whole TBC coin without stepping up and meeting the requirements. So, what is the problem with becoming a Full-Timer? I hope it isn’t the need to have a complete profile or the need to watch a recent Send Button Meeting, which are part of the steps to become a Full-Timer. If it is, YOU are in sorry shape, and really shouldn’t be a Billionaire. So, perhaps it is the requirement to recruit 2 people into TBC that is upsetting YOU. Maybe YOU lack the belief in YOURSELF and YOUR ability to recruit 2 PAID Sign Ups? Doesn’t the August Promo help YOU to accomplish this? The 2 Admin Credits YOU will get, cover the cost for these PAID Sign Ups. Doesn’t that help you to meet this simple requirement of signing up 2 New Members into TBC? I mean, really, if YOU can’t sign up 2 New Members when it is FREE for them to sign up then YOU really can’t recruit at all!!! Recruiting is and always has been about having enough belief in something, most important having a belief in YOURSELF!

The cream is rising to the top, and this new Policy is already having a positive impact on the true believers within the TBC Community. These believers support Admins decision to hold the TBC Billionaires accountable. Would YOU rather have $1 or $1,000? That is the difference between a TBC Millionaire and a TBC Billionaire. For every $1 a TBC Millionaire has, a TBC Billionaire will have at least $1,000. The rewards are 1,000 times higher for the TBC Billionaires, than it is for the TBC Millionaires. Shouldn’t the TBC Billionaires be expected to do more than the TBC Millionaires? These believers agree with that principle, and are happy to do what is required of them to be a TBC Billionaire. In fact, all of the TBC Billionaires should be Broadcasters too, but that is not a critical need at this time, but it will be later when our size becomes more noticeable in the world, and we must exercise our voices to stand up for our beliefs. I really appreciate all of the support I have been getting from these Leaders and that they stand united with me on this new Policy! Don’t YOU want to be a part of something that has strength at the top of it? Success is assured as a result of this Policy, and they know it is true!

Growth happens in stages, and what we expect out of growth goes up and up the bigger something grows. We don’t expect a baby to do much except eat and sleep, right? They don’t emerge out of the womb talking, right? We don’t expect a child to join the army and fight for their country, right? That would be ridiculous. TBC is something that is growing, and just like anything else, we expect it will have the power to do more things the bigger it gets. But, we don’t want to pretend that everything is set in stone today when it comes to TBC, we are growing and we need these challenges to make us stronger, so that we will keep on growing. Use some common sense when analyzing TBC and what the Admin is doing. Trust in the process, just look at how far we have come so far and how much we have overcome already. TBC is making history, and I hope YOUR name will show up in it as one of the important people in our story that is unfolding!

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