You can now buy fuel at the Fuel station with TBC in Nigeria

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You can now buy fuel at the Fuel station with TBC in Nigeria:

TBC-TheBillionCoin Have had thousands of merchants around the world from the day 1 of it’s creation till date. The coin is completely Private in it’s operations.

In the year 2018, SEC of the United States of America filled a lawsuit to verify the functions, operations, strategies and mission of this great project but was meant to understand by the court that the coin is Private and does everything privately (This is why they’re not at the coin market)

This event compelled hundreds and thousands of merchants to be accepting TBC in their businesses.

Unfortunately, some people are still doubting in their heart what this technology has come to do.

This is an organized private society that have agreed to use a coin named “Kringle” in a exchange of goods and services within themselves to ease their lives.

Currently, Nigeria is taking the first position in membership and have many merchant accepting TBC now. The surprise now is that Faruna member are now buying fuel at the Fuel station with TBC 100% TBC. This is amazing!

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