May 12, 2021

The Billion Coin Community Random Thoughts

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The Billion Coin Community Random Thoughts By Sadananda Seram Rocky:

When I joined TBC, like every newbie, I did not understand the logic behind the entire project! It was the strangest project I had ever encountered!

Think about it! You acquire a few coins and that same coin acquired simply grows in value daily locked up in one’s wallet. Not traded, not added to, just locked up! It was really strange to say the least!

Initially, the strangeness of the entire coin growth made me skeptical. I wondered if I was dealing with a scam! But it also made me put on my thinking cap! I began trying to understand what was behind the entire project!

First, I realised it was more than a financial project! It is a revolution of a sort. Non aggressive, bloodless but a revolution all the same!

The creator with a deep knowledge of life and the financial enslavement of the masses came up with a way for the masses to buy themselves back from their enslavement! The internet and blockchain, two amazing global phenomena gave him this opportunity! Now he can reach the entire world, which has become a global village and get the poor to unite together in a common cause of financial empowerment through agreement.

Bear in mind that one major way the rich and powerful had been able to keep the poor in their current state is through the divide and rule mechanism! Country boundaries have made this mechanism more effective. And the only way the poor can effectively fight back is through having a way to have a collective voice, an AGREEMENT!

That is what the internet has offered in terms of accessibility and connectivity and what the TBC Admin seized upon to introduce TBC in terms of financial agreement and dealing!

For the first time in human history, the entire mass of the world’s poor can reach out and agree to use a particular means of exchange. Different from the elite and bank manipulated currencies that we all are forced to use, called fiat currency and designated in the country names of whichever entrapped territory we have all been parceled into.

Like in the past, when what we used for trading deals was by our agreement and not by government fiat, we can now choose to use TBC or Kringles to deal across divides!

In the past, we traded by barter, which is basically peer to peer! We used SALT, COWRIE SHELLS and other things as currency! It was all by personal Agreement! Today, we are forced to use whatever the powers in control foist on us to use! At whatever value they say it is!

With the strength of the internet, the versatility of the blockchain, and the humanitarian ingenuity of the TBC admin, we now have a means of agreement that is peer to peer, based on agreement and transferable globally!

All we need to do now is to understand this, take our minds off temporary cashing out that it was in, and key into the real concept of TBC as a uniter of the poor in their quest for financial autonomy from the shackles of elite enslavement!

Long live TBC

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