June 20, 2021

Albanian Teenagers Evolved APP:

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Albanian Teenagers Evolved APP- Domestic Violence:

Three Albanian 16-year-old girls have evolved an app to help sufferers of domestic violence access help,hoping to address a huge problem in their country,Albania.

The app, known as GjejZâ, (Find your Voice), will be launch on Friday, as a result of winning an international technology competition for girls in the United States.
This year’s competition required participants to build an app that tackled social problems, so the girls decided to focus on gender-based violence. They worked with psychologists, deputy interior minister, and women’s issues experts.
“Violence against women is a big problem in Albania and it also trouble us as teenage girls because some of our peers and friends are victims”,said Jonada Shukarasi, one of the developers.
A new report by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) found almost that 97% of victims of intimate in-house violence never report it to the police.
The girl’s achievements in the Technovation Challenge competition has mend national pride in Albania, an ex-communist country that is now a NATO member endeavoring to join the European Union.
“Find your Voice” has become not only our motto but the message we want to convey to all Albanian women,” said Rrozhani.
Our app (GjejZâ )helps women fight gender-based violence in three easy steps by notifying the problem, licensing the user and enabling them to take action,” she said. Users answer a series of questions that assists them identify if they are victims of domestic violence.
The extent relevant of the app enable a user to connect to the state officials in every town who can help them,it help a user to get in touch with police and support groups by phone or instant messaging. Mobile ownership is high in Albania – a population of 2.8 million uses 4.63 million mobile phones.

Founder and chief executive of Technovation, Tara Chklovski said the judges sensed that the girls had “addressed the difficult topic of abuse bravely and thoughtfully from the research to product development”. Romina Kuko, Albania’s deputy interior minister,is disappointed by the number of attacks remained high, but added Albania was fighting domestic violence with full force.“I will be happy to see the application up and running,” she said.

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