June 15, 2021
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Depression/ Denial: A the midday sun reached it’s peak, a woman wearing her hair in cornrows can be seen staring out of the window of her two bedroom flat.

Her eyes hold no hope and she grips the handle of her cup tightly as if to draw hope.

She looks at her phone for what seemed to be the 1000th time and says to herself.
“I cannot be depressed, a whole me”. She drops her cup and starts cleaning vigorously.
” How does he expect me to tell people that what is worrying me is depression, it’s ridiculous, I’m sure it’s the lack of sleep and nothing else, it is not like it exists anyway”.
This is an example of where it usually starts from.

A lot of people are in denial of the state of their mental health.

They keep trying to prove that they are alright when they are not usually resulting in a worsening of their case due to lack of treatment.

The woman in the above story believes that she is not depressed, thinking that such a thing cannot happen to her for various reasons, such as believing she is ” strong” and depression is a myth.

The first step in tackling depression is accepting the presence of depression in your life. ALSO READ: DENIAL

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