June 15, 2021

Still On Depression:

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Depression: Acceptance

The woman lay on her bed without knowing what to do, she stares at the ceiling not understanding herself, she took a week off work and barely eats, sleeps unnecessarily and gets distracted when her children are talking to her, everything feels dreary, as if living in a black hole with all her sources of happiness drained away. With much effort, she takes her phone and calls the doctor who diagnosed her of depression.
” Help me”, she says while crying, I’m tired of living and I just want to die, what should I do to get rid of this feeling”
Obviously, the woman has finally accepted the state of her mental health, she has taken the bold step of reaching out to her doctor for help, but it doesn’t end there. Apart from medical help, there has to be a conscious effort on her part to be able to totally get rid of it. The conscious effort to find the root of the problem is what is usually very hard because many faux emotions and thoughts come in to play.
Therefore, to get rid of your depression, you have to find exactly what it is that is causing it, not just the triggers, but what is being triggered. ALSO READ: DEPRESSION

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