June 15, 2021

People You Should Never Date

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Relationships are very interesting but there are some people you should never date because they are not compatible with you. Compatibility is very important in any relationship but it’s funny how we fall in love and ignore warning signals.

The signs are always there but a lot of time we ignore the signs because we believe we can change the person but in reality, you can’t change anyone. I know every healthy relationship is based on commitment and sacrifice but when it begins to affect your mental health then you deserve better.

There are some people you should never date not because you don’t love them but you deserve some real peace and at the end of the day you need to ask yourself if it’s worth it. Here are some people you should never date.


People who are still addicted to the past

When you find someone who is still attached to his past it is a red flag. Some would claim they do not have baggage anymore but in reality, they are still stuck in the past. Their decisions, reactions and how they treat their partner is based on the baggage they claimed they have left.

When their partner exhibits a certain character from their past they cringe and begin to react. Anyone addicted to the past needs to heal before going into another relationship and it is not your job to heal them except you choose to.

They are people you should never date because you can never be enough and they will always compare you to their past relationships.

Never date people who tolerate you

A person who makes you feel less is not worth paying attention to. Anyone whose body shames is not worth being in a relationship with. If you love a slim woman go for her and if you want a thick body woman go for her, don’t force people to be who they are not. A lot of women have died just because they want to achieve a particular body goal for their partner, anyone who does not celebrate you is not worth being in a relationship with.

The truth is you deserve the best and you can be in a relationship where you don’t have to cry all the time. People who tolerate you are people you should never date.

People you should never date: Perfectionists

These people always have high expectations but the truth is nobody is perfect so you can never please a perfectionist. We will always make mistakes but what matters is the lessons we pick and being a better person.

People you should never date: A Control freak

If he or she wants to control every bit of your life then it is not a healthy relationship. These people always want to have the final say over every area of your life, you don’t even have a say over your own life anymore. I think it’s time to leave that relationship.

People you should never date: A stingy person

Love is always about giving. Love keeps giving without expecting but when it’s just one person giving it could get tiring. Balance is important in any relationship and when you are the only one giving it could get frustrating.

When you are in a relationship with someone who is stingy it is a red flag and you should reconsider the relationship.

Does not support your dreams

How do you plan to be with someone who doesn’t believe in your dreams? You will end up becoming unfulfilled and you look back with so many regrets. Your partner should be your greatest cheerleader but if they are doing otherwise then you need to do a reassessment.

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People you should date: low-self esteem

These set of people are extremely jealous and every action you make would always be suspected. If you are patient they can be worked on but it is extremely stressful.



Relationships should be healthy. You are not in a competition anyone but more importantly, you are a big deal so you need to be happy.

Marriage is too long to endure so you need to get it right while you are still single. Do not turn a blind eye to all these toxic traits.

These are people you should never date. Guard your peace and your self-esteem.

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