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Black Friday
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Black Friday is the biggest shopping experience of the year, everybody eagerly counts down to Black Friday to make the most of the season but the curious side of you begins to wonder “how did it all start?” the history of Black Friday is an interesting one.

Black friday

The term “Black Friday” was first associated with a financial crisis, not sales shopping.

Two Wall Street financiers Jim Fisk and Jay Gould together bought a significant amount of US gold in the hope of the overall price soaring and turn to be able to sell it for huge profits.

On Friday, September 24 1869, in what became referred to as “Black Friday”, the US gold market crashed and Fisk and Gould’s actions left Wall Street barons bankrupt.

It was also discovered in the 90s that Police officers in Philadelphia were first to link Black Friday to the post-Thanksgiving period in the 1950s. Large crowds of tourists and shoppers came to the city the day after Thanksgiving for the Army-Navy football game, creating chaos, traffic jams and shoplifting opportunities.

Police officers in the city weren’t able to take the day off work and instead had to work long shifts to control the carnage, thus using the term “Black Friday” to refer to stress that comes with that day but merchants and boosters disliked the negative connotations and tried changing it to “Big Friday” but it was unsuccessful.

However, it wasn’t until the early 90s that the phrase caught on and spread across media campaigns throughout the United States. It was during this time that businesses recognized this day as extremely profitable, turning over large numbers which put them “in the black” (profitable) as opposed to “in the red” (making losses). (Source:

Black Friday

Nowadays you don’t have to go through long queues to experience it you can sit in the comfort of your home and shop online.

When is Black Friday?

It is closer than you think, this year it falls on Friday 29th of November 2019 and followed closely by Cyber Monday on the 2nd of December.

Preparing for Black Friday

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the deals this year.

Plan ahead for black Friday

Create a list of the things you would love to get to avoid being distracted by ‘great deals’ you don’t need. This list helps you to be focused and to be specific about what you want.

Create a budget

Having a budget helps your clarity and allows you to have a limit. Have a rough estimation of the amount you want to spend and keep referring to your list to avoid impulsive shopping.

Do a deep research about black Friday

Research your products well so that you don’t end up buying something just because it’s marked at a cheaper price.

Sign up for newsletters and email alerts about Black Friday deals

Sign up for email alerts, newsletters and follow your favourite brands and stores on social media to receive special alerts and discounts before anyone else.

Set your alarms

Don’t sleep off, you need to keep tabs so that you don’t miss out. Set your clock for midnight on Thursday 28th November so that you can get all your shopping done while everyone else is still asleep.

Compare prices

Compare prices beforehand to see if you’re getting a good deal and which store has the best offer.

Black Friday


You can make the best this season by following these tips. It’s the best time of the year to shop for all your needs. Don’t be left out and make the best of Black Friday deals.

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