April 17, 2021

Prayers: What To Do When You Are Exhausted Of Prayers And All Is Gone?

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What To Do When You Are Exhausted Of Prayers And All Is Gone?

Prayers: There are times in your Christian journey when you might have prayed, fasted, offered tithes and supported the Church gloriously, And yet the King Uzziah in your Business and life refused to died. There are times when you might have attended Church services, night vigils, crusades and retreats, yet the fruit of your labor refused to yield increase.

There are times when you might have preached and labor fervently in God’s vineyard and sow seeds, yet the seed refuse to germinate. There are times when you might have cried, sobbed, wept bitterly and soak your pillow with tears unto God, yet the answers to your petition refused to be granted. What Is Going On?
Does it means God is dead, deaf, blind, and dumb or hated you?
Does it mean you’re a chief sinner and God doesn’t forgive sin?
Does it mean God is no more merciful and gracious in compassion?
Then what thou heck is going on? You and i have prayed and exploited various means in order to received answers to our supplication yet, it all turns as silent graveyard. What can you do? No!; the Lord God of Israel never sleep and neither slumber but rather working something great for your life.

Do you know the greater the delay and horror your wilderness experiences, the greatest and overwhelming shall the sound echo of your testimonies shall shock the brick walls of the church. Hence, inasmuch the Lord is awake, why are you also awake in your worries and troubles? Please kindly activate a sleeping mode and get some rest because your God is on watch. So take a nap and allow him to do what he knew how to do, because he is never too late.

What To Do When All Hope Is Gone:

Never be troubled except you come to the place where you know that God is gone from you. There will be times of pains. The kind that raises your pulse hyper. The kind that takes sleep and food away from you because of certain loses, failure or still, the lost of loved ones, property, labour, investment of cash, skill, energy, resources.

“Now there were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices.” Luke 13:1. Such moments will come no matter how prayerful you are. It is the time of Jacob’s trouble. We all have such moments, when our experience is complete opposite of what God promised or we pray to happen. Lot and Job know what it means to lost all acquired in a single moment.
The fact remains that when all is gone, will God remain with you? God can’t remain if he hadn’t been there when all is there, when the painful unprecedented hasn’t happened. There are painful moments we won’t be able to account for. Black and dreadful moments when we are ready to let go even our dear life for the pain.

Then we feel life don’t worth it. Black moments that all that keeps flowing from you to God is rhetoric and praises full of dilemma and unexplained surprises and the fate to submit to the painful will so linked to God. Actually, these moments are critical but admist all God remains God.

If you look at the ordeal more critically, even in the heat and center of the loses, God is left. God is not lost. Although the situation may affect your attitude or disposition to his word. Never come to a situation when God is too slow to be, trusted, esteemed or waited for.

There is nothing as dangerous as things satanic injected negative sensations or resolution. Don’t allow one painful experience or moments separate you and God. Time will go, God will remain, and eternity remains endlessly. The momentarily pains can’t just be compared to the glory that is awaiting. That’s is why l feel that man is miserable if he misses God after his woes and pains on the earth.

When all is gone, God is left and he is the point you can start over picking up your broken marbles. Money won’t remain forever, neither influence power, nor beauty but your relationship with God does. When all is lost that is what remains. So your values and hope should be placed in God and not in things.

Life is more relational that it is possessive. In fact, a hard lesson we must learn is that a time will come when it will clearly dawn on you that, the more you own in life, the less you should possess. Therefore, the influence and relationship we build with God, relatives, friends, colleagues, superiors, bosses, protégés, etc are deadness.

They should be esteemed above the uncertainty of nothingness men call life. Substances that are nothing and which give one nothing else to show for a life well lived. God does not will us pains but pains is out of life. We should never think not expect it, we should pray and fast against it as much as we could but never be taken aback when it show up.

Can job explain what you and I saw about the mystery of his predicament? It was a divinely bargained recommendation and approval. It is necessary in order to prove he not just faithful to God but strong to the devil. All Job knew about the situation was “The thing I fear the most and guard against has happened to me” but you know the rest of the story on the side of eternity.

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