April 17, 2021

Kayode Oppose The Sultan Of Sokoto, Expose Christian Persecutions In Nigeria:

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Kayode Oppose The Sultan Of Sokoto, Expose Christian Persecutions In Nigeria:

Femi Fani Kayode a former Minister of Aviation in Nigeria has recently oppose the Sultan of Sokoto who declares that it’s a lie to say Christians are being persecuted in Nigeria.

Femi Kayode Opposed this statement on his tweet on 27th December 2019. Emphasizing on that, he stated that the Sultan of Sokoto was wrong on his statement, adding that it’s a prevailing objective reality which could be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

“You are wrong and your denial of this well established fact which is backed by empirical, abundant and overwhelming evidence is deeply offensive to the Christian community.”

He said that the Persecution on Christians in the Northern part of Nigeria has gone to the level that even the security agents will ignore any call from Christians for intervention. He expressed his disappointment in the royal father who denied the Persecution of Christians in the North.

“Were the 800 Christian’s that were slaughtered in their homes in Southern Kaduna on Christmas eve and Christmas day in 2016 by Fulani militants whilst the authorities turned a blind eye and refused to protect them or bring their murderers to justice not entitled to live their lives?

Are you trying to suggest that this was an isolated event and that it does not occur regularly in the north?

What about the hundreds of thousands of Christian’s that have been butchered all over the Middle Belt over the last four years talk less of those that have been targetted and killed in the south by the same Fulani militants?

All this yet the Federal Government fails to act and Royal fathers like you, who should know better, attempt to deny that it is real and try and downplay the whole issue. This is unacceptable.”

In some countries it is actually a criminal offence to deny that genocide has taken place when the evidence is to the contrary.”

However, he maintained that Christians Persecution can no longer fit the system rather Christians are being massacred in the state which cannot be hidden because the world is now digitalized.

“To say that Christian’s are being persecuted in some parts of Nigeria is actually an understatement. They are not just being persecuted, they are being totally and completely eradicated and wiped out. They are being subjected to mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide!

This can no longer be denied or hidden because the world has become a global village. The barbarity and cruelty of those that hate Christian’s in Nigeria are being exposed to the international community every day and flippant and insensitive denials of the obvious cannot stop that.”

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Image Source: Femi Fani Kayode

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