April 17, 2021

Lord’s Chosen Invites The Whole World To Its Anual International Crusade:

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MGBIDI 2020: Lord’s Chosen Invites The Whole World To Its Anual International Crusade:

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement that have just concluded their December Retreat And Crusade 2019 is hosting its annual Holy Ghost-inspired international 4-day power-packed crusade entitled, ‘What God Has Determined Shall Be Done’ from Friday to Monday at the Chosen International Secondary School, along Oguta Road in Mgbidi, Imo State.

According to the vanguard Newsmen that interviewed the church’s Public Relations Officer, Pastor Louis Chidi, the interdenominational programme is designed to produce a spiritual rebirth that will usher participants from all over the world into the new year.

“This 13th edition is designed to produce a spiritual stronghold which will help all to overcome spiritual, physical and financial challenges of the new year and above all, produce solution to our mirald of national problems.

“But in the midst of insecurity, corruption and hopelessness that have pervaded the mind of the people, God inspired this theme to elicit the fact that our social, economic and political challenges do not lie on our ability but on what God has predetermined.

“God has the rightful authority, wisdom and power to bring about everything that He desires. This year’s program will help participants to see God as the determinant of our destiny,” the spokesman added.

The General Overseas of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement Pastor Lazarus Muoka, will be the one to minister in this special anual international program. He will also lead the people to Christ through prayers and sermon, the supernatural anointing that accompanies his sermons and ministry will break every yoke of the enemies and the participants will testimony that Jesus is Lord.

According to the statement, free transport arrangement has been made by the ministry to convey participants to the venue from any location within Anambra and Imo states and provision has been made for a digitalize security measure that will address any breach of ordered.

So, this invitation should be shared to all and sundry.

Note: Salvation and deliverances is the major reason for the invitation. Above all, This program will be characterized by miracles, signs and wonders. The blind shall see, the lean shall walk, Hunchback Or Kyphosis shall be healed, the dumb shall speak, the deaf shall hear, the barren women shall conceive after this program, paralysis and stroke shall be healed, sicknesses and diseases including hiv and aids, cancers, shall be taken away by the power of God. Delays in life, poverty and problems shall receive attention from God.

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Image Source: Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement Page

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