April 17, 2021

Corruption: Brig. General Nengite Arrested And Detained For Investigation:

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Brig. General Nengite Arrested And Detained For Investigation:

A figure in the Nigerian Army’s, Brigadier General Charles Nengite, has been arrested by security agents. Presently, he is allegedly in detention for proper investigation.

Brigadier General Charles arrest and detaintion followed by the ongoing financial probe at the NDDC.

Sources confirmed that the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari had approved the setting up of an Interim Management Committee at the NDDC, and ordered a forensic probe into the affairs of the Commission without delay.

The NDDC was set up to massively develop the poverty-stricken, infrastructure – starved oil rich Niger Delta.

Unfortunately, the Commission turned into a lucrative business for politicians and their cronies, and made billionaires out of thousands of them while the region suffered criminal neglect and penury.

General Nengite’s arrest was triggered by the United States which, allegedly, discovered $16M in his wife’s bank account.

Asked to explain how she accumulated so much, she was unable to do so, the report stated.

Based on that, News Of Nigeria reported that: “US anti-graft agencies tipped off its Nigerian counterpart. Her husband, Brig. Nengite, was, therefore, invited for questioning. He was subsequently, allegedly, arrested and detained.”

According to source, his troubles is suspected to have started when he was seconded to the NDDC between 2016 and the outgoing 2019. Also, was there under the administration of Nsima Ekere and Nelson Brambaifa. Nsima, a former Akwa Ibom Deputy Governor held sway at the Commission until he quit to fly APC’s governorship flag during the 2019 General election.

If Nengite is charged with criminal offense, it will be a great loss to the Nigerian Army and an end to a professional career.

Nengite emerged as the overall best when he was graduating as an officer at the Nigerian War College in his set.

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