April 17, 2021

IPOB Demands Freedom In An Open Letter To USA Senators:

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IPOB Demands Freedom In An Open Letter To USA Senators:

As freedom becomes the last hope of an Igbo Man in Nigeria, the Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB, has written another open letter to the United States of American Senators demanding a complete freedom from Nigeria.

Micbloggy confirmed this on IPOB social media platform on the 28th of December 2019, in a letter signed by Christopher Otu Ezeali For The Family Writers Press International.

Interestingly, this not less than a week an open letter was written to the new United States Ambassador To Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard on the same matter.

Here’s the open letter:


Dear Distinguished Senators,

I earnestly have been following closely, the highly commendable approach you distinguished Senators adopted, regarding the arrest and detention of the Nigerian activist/Chief Executive Officer of Sahara Reporters, Mr. Omoloye Sowore by the Nigerian government, the timely appointment of a new US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, the beaming of US government’s searchlight on the Nigerian government, your reaction to the court invasion by officials of the Nigerian security operatives known as Department of Security Services (DSS) and of course the US government’s letter that led to the eventual release of Omoloye Sowore and Dasuki from detention without lost of souls.

I am really delighted towards your gestures in ensuring that justice prevails in Nigeria against the demonic and grossly uncivilized indices adopted by the Nigerian government against dissenting voices/opinions. However, I want to bring to your attention that the issues concerning Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and his members, have not been expeditiously dispensed by the government of the United States of America. Spate of inhuman treatments have grievously been meted on IPOB leader, members and even the legal counsel from 2015 till date, without recorded concern and pressure from the United States. The Nigerian Islamic government has blatantly been disobeying court orders, the security operatives have been illegally arresting, torturing, detaining and killing IPOB family members over the years up until now without commensurate effort by the US government to exert measures aimed at bringing this anomalies to a halt. There has not even been any tweet or press statement from the US foreign department rebuking the Nigerian government for it’s disgusting acts of lawlessness against the innocent Biafran people.

The eventual release from months of incarceration of Omoloye Sowore is highly commendable but let it be viewed also that Biafrans, despite the enormity of their marginalization and oppression by the Nigerian state, seem to be abandoned. The US government should be adjudged to be biased or taking sides against not just an individual but a nation. The US House members and the Senators, should rise up to their responsibilities as civilised democratic folks and do the needful for the suffering, oppressed and marginalised Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). They have the mandate to boldly initiate and drive global protection and law enforcement mechanisms that will give citizens rights back to them no matter their places of abode.

Dear Senators, it is exceptionally imperative that you conscientiously initiate and extend modalities that will instantly secure the release of all IPOB family members abducted, tortured and illegally detained in various detention facilities across Nigeria by the Nigerian security agencies. The Nigerian government must be punitively made to stop forthwith, the arrest, victimization and killing of IPOB Family members anywhere in Nigeria and across Biafraland. The United States of America no doubt, has the wherewithal to make this happen.

The plight of Biafrans is enormous and the concentrated agitation for self-determination/political independence as clearly enshrined in various charters of relevant world bodies of which Nigeria is even a signatory is not a crime. Biafrans and Fulanis (Islamists) cannot co-habit just like oil and water cannot mix together no matter the efforts employed. Your timely intervention will definitely save lives and facilitate the realization of the dream for a separate homeland for Biafrans who have steadily bore the brunt of injustice before and after the genocidal war carried out against them between 1967 and 1970. Over five million Biafrans including children, women and the aged besides were gruesomely mowed down. The killing has continued till date. The government of the United States of America should expedite action that will forestall further injustices and lost of Biafran lives. The Nigerian Islamic government led by Fulani oligarchy must be stopped by the US government. Biafrans are more determined today than ever, to get their sovereign nation fully restored and that, now.

Yours faithfully.

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