June 15, 2021

Birthday Tribute To Gloria Ogazie:

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Birthday Tribute To Gloria Ogazie:

It’s a moment of joy to celebrate another lovely birthday with:

The only Daughter of Zion, Christian Lady, Gospel Singer, Excellent Cook, Virtues Woman, A Watchman, A Quiet Personality, A trained daughter, to mention but a few.

I remember how we started and the comfort that came from GOD to move forward in life. We never had issues that lingered owing to the fear of God and the call to be your brothers keeper.

I celebrate with you this day because our lives is characterized by the joy of the Lord which is our strength.

We attends different denominations but that couldn’t deviate us from helping one another in the time of need.

The most joyous part of this celebration is the fact that You’re celebrating it as a child of God who believes in the message of Holiness and heaven at last.

A lady is more dangerous than snake’s venom when she is operating in the absence of God. That’s why I should be proud to have you as a sister.

In all ramifications, i counted you first among equal.

May God bless you as you celebrate your new age.


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