April 22, 2021

IPOB: We Are In the Second to the last phase of the struggle:

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We are in the second to the last phase of the struggle -IPOB Told Biafrans

Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB has assured Biafrans living across the globe that their quest for freedom is at its final stage.

A statement entitled “media warfare” published on Radio Biafra online platform on Wednesday January 15 2020, made this known to the people that perceive the struggle as their last hope.

The statement reads; Media Warfare:

“We are in the second to the last phase of the struggle. It’s the phase of the media war. They are paying people to tell lies against us using the social media and conventional media. We are not paid to fight them back, counter and dispell their lies. Our voices are louder and our resolve stronger.

“Their weapon is telling lies, while ours is telling the truth. They are trying to confuse the people, while we are succeeding in convincing the masses. They post fake pictures, we produce vidoes. They rely on mere words of corrupt politicians, we deliver with certified documents.

They are soldiers, we are warriors. Their online soldiers are just a few hundreds maybe a few thousands. We are more than 3 million online Biafra warriors. They are mercenaries and we are volunteers. They are fighting for money, we are fighting for our lives, our future, our freedom and that of our unborn. Their sponsors and pay masters will soon get tired, frustrated and also run out of funds to sustain the anti Biafra propaganda. We shall never get tired, our lives depend on the success and restoration of Biafra. Igbo turu ilu si na “ike anaghi agwu onye na – agba oso ndu”.

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