June 15, 2021

Terrorism: The Placement of The Value Of Nigerian Sovereignty Over And Above Human Lives; By Onyebuchi Eze:

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The Placement of The Value Of Nigerian Sovereignty Over And Above Human Lives;

The international community is disappointingly failing in it’s responsibility to humanity concerning the security of West African inhabitants that are lumped together in a grossly unworkable entity called Nigeria. It was established by the British purely for selfish economic interests, not minding the value and protection of lives and properties therein. The reason why the international community-based organizations such as the United Nations (UN), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), European Union (EU), African Union (AU), Amnesty International (AI) amongst others, came into existence, it is believed, is solely for the welfare/well-being of humanity coupled with the pursuit of global peace and security.

Unfortunately however, the global bubble especially within this 21st century and the association thereof, have willfully pushed these organizations to sacrifice these West African inhabitants especially Biafrans, Hausa indigenous natives and the Oduduwas to the sacrificial slab of the so-called sovereignty of Nigeria. This has been so valued over and above the sanctity of the people within the sub-region by these international organizations.

It happens even in the face of the menace of terrorism activities in the country with the Nigerian government’s continuous sponsorship. The world has kept sealed lips just because the Nigerian sovereignty is involved. The over two hundred million inhabitants are entrapped under the fistic control of the Nigerian occupational government and when will the global community really act? It should be a burdensome concern that the terrorists of Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and Islamic state of West African Province (ISWAP), are all being sponsored by the Nigerian government to kill innocent and unarmed indigenous citizens.

Just few days past, Boko Haram terrorists captured and beheaded Reverend Lawan Andimi, Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Adamawa State Chapter. He was gruesomely killed because he refused to deny his faith as a Christian and convert to Islam. Boko Haram terrorists have relentlessly been killing Christian civilians in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States as well as Christian soldiers serving in the Nigerian military. In buttressing this point of Nigeria government’s sponsorship of these terrorists, it is noteworthy to state here that any government that keeps releasing hundreds of captured terrorists in the ruse of rehabilitating, reintegrating them back to the society and even recruiting same into the armed forces, remains completely culpable. Few days ago, some United Nations Aid workers were kidnapped and killed by these marauding slamic terrorists.

Severally, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) and their Fulani herdsmen have publicly claimed responsibility of killing hundreds of villagers, peasant farmers and pillaging communities at different parts of Nigeria. Yet there has not been any account of any Fulani herdsman standing trial in any Nigerian court. It is important to bring to the notice of the international community that in a situation where Nigerian soldiers are capturing hundreds of Boko Haram terrorists during exchange of gunfire, none of these captured killers is said to be also standing trial anywhere in Nigeria. But unarmed and peaceful Biafran agitators are steadily being hunted, arrested and held captive at different detention facilities across the country with trumped up charges of treasonable felony and terrorism because of their rightful quest for Biafra independence.

At the moment, the international community has to clinically purge itself of the guilt of blatant complicity and indifference regarding the menace of terrorism activities in Nigeria. The United Nations, European Union, African Union and principal world power brokers such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China could initiate firm moves towards the outright dissolution of Nigeria as the veritable antidote to the overwhelming terrorism enterprise in the country. The continued deafening silence of the world over the excesses of the Nigerian slamic government in it’s sponsorship of terrorism just because of the country’s sovereignty and right to her internal affairs, clearly portray the global community as having woefully failed in it’s responsibility to humanity.

It is criminal for the Nigerian government to be pampering and romancing with terrorism/terrorists, arrogantly detesting the United States of America, Russia, China and France without stern diplomatic consequences. It is an irony. The world must out of obligation, come to the rescue of the entrapped indigenous inhabitants of the Nigerian federation controlled by Fulani cabals, by expeditiously dissolving the country so that lasting peace can be restored all over the ancestral lands. And to stem human extinction in this part of the world, there remains absolutely no other alternative than to initiate modalities that will facilitate an outright dissolution of the Nigerian entity. The world has to act now and immediately too.

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