June 12, 2021

Fulani Empire Is Ready To Enslave Nigerians For The Next 1000 Years – Femi Kayode Warned:

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Fulani Empire Is Ready To Enslave Nigerians

The former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has warned Nigerians concerning the domination of Fulanis in Nigeria.

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He gave this warning on his official Twitter account in January 5 2020. Mr Kayode stated that Nigeria politics is characterized by lots of problems that defied simple solution.

“The issues that we need to grapple with and the problems that we need to resolve in Nigeria are far more fundamental than most people think. The question that still needs to be answered is whether we are one nation or many nations in one geographical space.”

Mr Kayode affirmed that in his own personal view of the country, that Nigeria is an political entity highly dominated by the Fulani Cabals who are not ready to better the lives of people in the next decade.

“From all I have seen and witnessed over the years it is clear to me that the latter is the case. We are not a nation but an appendage and a vassal state of a newly-emerging Fulani empire and super-state which seeks to oppress, subjugate and enslave us for the next 1000 years and extend its boundries and borders down to the Atlantic ocean and across much of West Africa.”

Barrister Femi maintained that some Nigerians are fearful to speak up as result of intimidation noting that his case is different because God has commanded humanity to shine.

Barrister Femi noted: “That is the challenge that we face and that is the issue that most Nigerians are too afraid to discuss, accept or address. As for me I have already made up my mind: I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth: we are more than conquerors. Our God did not send us into the world to be slaves or to follow, serve and bow before those that do not know or acknowledge Him.

He sent us into the world to have dominion, to lead, to rule and to stand tall with our heads held up high. Courage is our watchword, faith is our shield and God is our strength.

We must never bow before our collective oppressors and we must muster the fortitude to say “no more” and to stand up, speak out, resist them, chart our own course and establish our own nation. God wills it!”

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