Nnamdi Kanu Reveals Why He Called A Country Zoological Republic:

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Nnamdi Kanu Speaks On Zoological Republic:

Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has unveiled why he keeps using Zoological Republic to qualify Nigeria.

Micbloggy News gathered this during the IPOB emergency live broadcast on February 8, 2020.

Meanwhile, Mazi Kanu and his followers describing Nigeria as a Zoological Republic has become a matter that has given so many Nigerians sleepless nights to ponder what could cause that.

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He said: “This evening we shall expose them, this evening the world will know that the zoo is gone”

IPOB Leader posited “Look yourself in a mirror and ask yourself; Which human being with common sense will inhabit a country that is spectacular a failure as Nigeria has become. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me if you belongs to a country or wish your children to belong to a country where all the horrible and terrible things happening in Nigeria today. You know now where we call that place a zoo. You will begin to understand it.”

Kanu noted “However I conceit with my dear sister, a nollywood actress who said that the zoo is a better place than Nigeria. It’s high that people become self critical, when you become self critical believe me, you’re advanced. That’s why Europe colonized the whole world. That is why they’re advancing in every sphere of human endeavor because they believe in self criticism. When they’re doing wrong, they criticize themselves. I do not understand why Africa wallow in self pity. Nobody has ever rise up in the morning to ask why we have abundance of coal, natural gas, rivers and other mean through which power can be generated but you have no electricity?
That is an indictment of you as a human being. Your education is meaningless because your not utilizing it”

IPOB Leader compared Nigeria with other countries alleged that Nigeria leaders are the cause of shortcomings and calamities befallen Africa in general.

“Are European with three heads? Those who are advancing in far East Asia. Do they have two brains in their skull? They’re human beings like we African are.
Ask yourself why is it that Africans are not moving forward. Africa is not moving forward because of the level of mentality you find in a place called Nigeria. Our job is to teach black Africans because they don’t reason very well” says Nnamdi Kanu

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4 thoughts on “Nnamdi Kanu Reveals Why He Called A Country Zoological Republic:

  1. Well I am in support in whatever name Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called Nigeria. Our leaders and criminals and are not ready to take the country forward. They loot and born, they have born down all the market place all over Southeast which is Biafra land. Which reasonable countrymen this earth will allows fire to be burning down market place? Boko Harams are they killing, Hungary’s and poverty everywhere. Nigeria is a ZOO and everyone knows that’s true. Thank You so much Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. You are a great leader. May God almighty protect you always

  2. Justice too long delayed is justice denied.
    ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

    A legend, A True American, Foundations and Pillars of today’s America/American’s.
    Are there still any one like him in that country’s govt, that stand for the truth?
    Did Israelites/ America still GODS own country?
    Did Israelites/ America still stand for the truth?
    Does this two country still champion Gods will?
    If YES!!!
    Do they want to tell the world that they have not gotten message about the rivers of innocent blood flowing in this part of the world called zoological republic (Nigeria)
    No message of such from their government Ambassador’s & agencies, prophets and prophetess, individual journalists and NGO’s.
    If still No, then something is wrong, it means that they have left the way of old, May God forbid that his sheep’s will not hear his voice any longer.
    May God forbid power to change hand
    (record of Soul and David)
    May God forbid that his spoken word will not come to pass on ( drawing his people from four corners of the world to come and praise him the Elohim).
    But if YES, God pls with every humility I pray thee to ask them one question and aswell remind them of your mandate!!!
    just as you O God did to Peter when he fish all night without any thing to show for.
    Ise isee iseeee!!!

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