May 7, 2021

We Regret For Not Listened To Biafrans In 1967 – Femi Kayode

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We Regret For Not Listened To Biafrans:

A former minister of Aviation, during Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, Barrister Femi Fani Kayode has shown remorse on behalf of the South West region and minorities in Nigeria for not taken Biafrans advise and positions serious during the Civil War.

Micbloggy confirmed this statement on Mr Kayode’s official page in February 10, 2020.

In his statement, Nigerians are suffering till date because they refused to consider why and the purpose of Igbos trying to secede from Nigeria in 1967.

Kayode boasted that his is talking for the majorities in Nigeria that are no longer wishing to be enslaved by any government.

“I speak for millions when I say that the indigenous and oppressed people and ethnic nationalities of Nigeria have had enough of these open threats of tyranny and violence and neither are we interested in being vassals and slaves.

“Had we listened to Colonel Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu and the Biafrans in 1967, considered their terrible plight and aligned with them during the civil war things would have been very different today and we would not have been subjected to these infantile and provocative insults from the likes of FUNAM.

“The bottom line is as follows: we either have a Nigeria where all men, regardless of ethnic nationality or faith, are regarded as being equal before God and the law or we shall have no Nigeria at all. No-one can impose their will on us and neither can anyone intimidate us.

We do not seek war and neither do we relish or endorse any form of violence. We want peaceful co-existence and mutual respect. We want love, prosperity and progress for all and we offer it to those who wish us well and seek to do us no harm.”

“However if in a moment of madness we are ever attacked we shall stand firm and stand strong. We shall never retreat and neither shall we surrender.

“We shall defend our people, we shall defend our land, we shall defend our honor and we shall defend our heritage.

We are not cowards and we shall never bend the knee or bow our heads to the tyranny of foreign invaders who erroneously believe that they were born to rule and that we were born to serve.”

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