Message from Nnamdi Kanu’s wife, Uchechi to her late father & mother in-laws:

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Papa, the most loving & peaceful man!

The man whom I bore whilst he’s still alive.
The man who never spoke vile words. The man who ruled his world with dignity!
The man without impudence who loved and respected his wife!
I can’t seem to find you, & am very upset about it!

Not too long ago, you told me how God will bless me for all that I have done.
Now that I can’t reach you, I will lay rest these uncertainties at God’s feet!
Your deaths shall not be in be in vain!
The #Freedom you both embraced shall come to pass & we will be free indeed!

I know you are there to continue to protect, love & respect mama as she continues to take care of you.
Ugoeze, your words of appreciation will always comfort me until it’s time…
Eze Udo, nodinu n’udo, till we meet again.
Adieu papa & mama!!
I’ll always love you!

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