February 27, 2021

Reviewing The Abia Anti Corruption Protest and Other Matters Arising:

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By Ferdinand Ekeoma

By 7:30 am, their thugs had already arrived Unity Fountain,Abuja, venue of the planned protest, and strategically positioned themselves to constitute nuisance. Yes, that was how punctual the sons of Baal were.

Recall that dozens of of them had been flown from Abia to Abuja, to come and do thuggery aimed at at defending the Abia thievery that retarded our progress and development as a people.

Behind the Iron Transparent Fence facing the main entrance of Unity Fountain, were some other hoodlums, approaching from the scanty bush and loitering up and down, observing developments and waiting for invitation to cause anarchy.

They weren’t stronger, more fearless and and more courageous than the able bodied Abia Coalition members present, so the possibility of overwhelming or defeating us would have been zero, but unlike those felons, our mission wasn’t to indulge in primitive animalism that would have defeated the essence of our project, and which would have excited them even in the face of defeat. They wanted us to fight with them, disrupt our gathering, and be collectivy addressed as rival thugs, but we have wisdom which is profitable, so we kept calm.

As they saw several Hilux vehicles loaded with combat ready security agents, led by many senior officers from Force Headquarters, no body told the imported hoodlums from Abia that inexplicable danger awaited them, and without a word from anyone, they faced one of the exit back gates and fled like the true cowards they are.

There was this particular thug who arrived late, but didn’t know that his fellow thugs had fled, and reading his countenance, the leader of the security team signalled his men, and he was surrounded and interrogated. We were asked if he was our member and we said no, but he lied that he got the invitation from one of the WhatsApp groups and that he was there to join us in the protest. The police wanted to whisk him away and detain him, but because we are Abians who didn’t come to serve any selfish political interest, neither to fight nor indulge in vengeance, we pleaded with the police to spare him, which they did. However, we decided to turn him from Saul to Paul by wearing him our protest T. Shirts, with the inscription ” Corruption Kills, Please Save Abia”. So from a willing thug, we turned him to an unwilling protester…..what a victory!

They made a second futile attempt to disrupt the protest, this time, they hired some Housa Speaking Urchins resident in Abuja who marched into the venue with hard-drug inspired audacity, but were immediately surrounded. To their shock, the leader of the Security team told them both in Hausa and Pidgin that they were lucky he was in a good mood. He reminded them that he recognised some of their faces and knows what they do. He told them that the 5000 naira each of them collected was not worth their freedom and subsequently ordered them out within seconds. Those were the charlatans you saw in the video and picture being sent out.

Progressive Abia young men, most of who do no not, and have never belonged to any political party were on ground to sincerely and without compromise raise their voices in exposing the atrocities that ravaged Abia state.
We comprehensively addressed a press conference at Unity Fountain, after which we proceeded in a long convoy to the EFCC Headquarters with the anti corruption inscriptions on our banners speaking very loudly.

At the EFCC office, we were warmly received and told that they had gotten information that we were coming.
In front of EFCC, we addressed the press, and spoke eloquently and truthfully once again to the admiration of Nigerians who stood to listen to us. After which we went in and submitted our letter to the Commission.
Our Abuja protest was a huge success because patriotic and selfless Abians had the capacity, courage and conviction to support what is just for millions of Abians.

In spite of the atrocities committed by the thugs sponsored by the looting suspects to attack would-be protesters in the Umuhia, yet, it was a success. And I can tell you with joy, that the success of the Umuahia protest lay in the courage and character of conviction exhibited by the protesters, especially, Barr. Empero Ogbonna who was attacked and his phone stolen by the thugs. Make no mistake about it, that singular action has exposed the desperation, vulnerability and lack of tact of the looters to the fullest, and it’s a matter of time before we see through the facade of their assumed invisibility.

If the looters had shame, what happened in Abuja would have made them to realise that money cannot buy every soul, and that money cannot open every door, especially money blindly stolen from innocent and vulnerable citizens.

After sending thugs to Abuja to go and disrupt the protest, they sent out three different teams to go and compromise the FCT Command of the Nigerian Police with several millions of Naira just to stop the Abuja protes, but the command shocked them beyond their imagination by turning them down, with a strong reprimand. God bless Nigerian Police!

They put in enormous energies and resources pleading with some of the organisers of the protest and making cash offers running into several millions just to ensure that it was called off, but they were politely turned down. The question then is, if the organisers were paid for the protest as the Abia looters and their ignorant propagandists have been alleging, wouldn’t they have gladly accepted the huge financial offers, abandoned the protest, and go ahead to use security reason as an excuse?

After the protest, they started contacting media persons to ensure that the news report of the protest doesn’t fly, but the blunt diamissal reminded them that such brand of idiocy has no place in media practice in Abuja.

Make no mistake about it, the Protest is not about Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, it’s about those who are being investigated by EFCC and associated with the alleged looting of several billions of naira belonging to Abia state during the tenure of T.A.Orji. However, Ikpeazu is consciously or unconsciously doing himself incalculable harm by allowing some of his senior appointees to be at the forefront of the numerous senseless attacks and misrepresentations against innocent Abians protesting the alleged looting, just because such appointees assume that their individual political future can be decided only by the looters, and not Ikpeazu. Some other senior intelligent appointees have carefully stayed away from the issue, knowing that such senseless looting witnessed during the period under review contributed in making governance difficult for Ikpeazu now.

The looters are always willing to waste resources stolen from Abia to fight imaginery opponents, even outside Abia, but they didn’t deem it fit to use those funds to develop the state when they were in charge.

Some charlatans deployed by the looters to threaten Abians have also exhibited half smartness by giving the false impression that some persons want to stage a protest against Ikpeazu in Aba. This alone has exposed them as cowards who are afraid to carry their cross alone, and thus have chosen to cunningly drag Ikpeazu into it and use him as a shield.

This cowards know that the opposition in Abia has the capacity to stage a peaceful protest in any part of Abia without anyone stopping it,so why constitute nuisance making primitive threats?

Meanwhile,that trending video showing the latest Abia Cannibal and everything about him have been comprehensively noted and established. That’s all for now!

As for those who had tried in good faith, out of distractive mischief, or out of ignorance to draw needless analogy between the ongoing protests or demands against the accused and what happened during Orji Uzor Kalu’s corruption case, I shall prove to you with verifiable facts that Kalu faced the worst attack until his deserved arrest by EFCC few months after the end of his tenure. I shall put up a comprehensive piece in the next few days on this, so as to disabuse the minds of those being misled by the present Social Media revolution.

Finally, if members of the Abia Coalition Against Corruption who stood till the end of the protest did so to serve any individual political aspirations, if we collected bribe from anyone for the protest, if we are unjustly seeking to destroy anyone for selfish or political reasons, and if those we are protesting against are innocent of the allegation of looting our public treasury, may our project, desire, ambition and efforts end in shame, failure, disaster and disgrace, but if the accused are guilty of looting our public treasury, if they destroyed our state and betrayed our people, and if their sponsored attacks are false, evil amd unjust, may they face shame, defeat, disaster and disgrace.

God bless Abia state!

.. Ferdinand Ekeoma is a Media Practitioner.

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