February 27, 2021

Umahi’s Leadership: Government of the touts, by the touts and for the touts:

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By Richard Ewa: Government of the touts, by the touts and for the touts-Umahi’s leadership in Ebonyi

I vehemently rejected this man since 2015, knowing very well that this “usman dan fodio” of Ebonyi has no business with leadership. Governance is totally different from wearing agbada. Where using the brain and intellect is concerned, count Umahi out!

This young man is almost all-roundedly empty upstairs and has nothing to offer if it doesn’t involve violence, cultism and thuggery. If you doubt me, beginning from your DC coordinators, EBHA members to other government appointees you know, scale their intellects and mental frames, and let us know your results. If Umahi senses any atom of higher IQ and something above mediocrity, he will frustrate you out. If you doubt me, ask Mike Chukwu- a young man who wanted to be more patriotic than the founding fathers of Ebonyi. Yes, you went to roll with someone who in a daylight robbery and thuggery denied others opportunities to partcipate in the supposed gubernatorial primary election in 2014-including Mike’s brother, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu.

I have for many times on this platform told people to neglect all the audio developments they are hearing about Ebonyi-we are on auto-retrogression.

You cannot officially hire and put on payroll, over 500 serial killers and cultists in the name of TAs and Coordinators, service them at the expense of the tax payers money and expect such a state to progress and enjoy sociopolitical peace.

Yesterday, my assertions were once again validated! In a mere primary election of the PDP for councillorship, people were shot to death. In one of these avoidable deaths, it is alleged that one of those cultists and rascals in Ehugbo, on the payroll of the anti-intellectual Governor, was alleged to had gun down to death, his supposed subjects-in the true sense of leadership. For the generality of humanity, RIP to the dead. Life goes on!

Was l disappointed? No, of course! In Ehugbo parlance, “ukwughukwu sieri na mgbe odihaghi ihe meri nwaa, maa obuzuru mgbe ipogho dagburu nwa a”- it means, “if the owl could cry without a cause, how much more when the dry palm frond befalls the owl’s progeny”. Anyone who is familiar with the party, PDP, beginning from 1999 shouldn’t be surprised. So, how much more when we run a government officially built on thuggery?

Except for a couple of genuine cries and protests, what you see is just a case of the junior arm of the government’s thuggery unit protesting the actions of the senior arm of the thuggery unit. The former is not happy that the senior arm took over their petty jobs. Well, the LG “s”election is just a recruitment for new thugs ahead of 2023.

Dear young people of Ehugbo, there are two routes to gaining political power: (1) the easiest and most common is via thuggery (2) the hard but sustainable is via distinguishing oneself in your chosen career, build yourself and make the money.
The first one seems to be the quickest route meant for the thugs and physically-fit-but-mentally challenged but very “costly” while the later takes time and patience but sustainable.

Choose the one you want but l wish you will choose the second option. You don’t need to be a thug to become a politician.

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