February 27, 2021

DON’T MARRY Him By Victoria Mayowa:

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Don’t marry him…

She told me before she died.

Their prophecies was somehow scary and convincing, but God’s word was more convincing and which puts my mind to rest.

While I was a spinster and also in courtship with my fiance, I went on a visit to see my aunt who just lost her husband.

Some days, after the burial ceremony, I stayed back to help her .
During my stay there I was invited by a prophet from my aunt’s church, I don’t attend her church anyways, but because he was very close to my aunt, he seized the opportunity to talk to me.

He made it clear to me that he had a vision about me and the man I was planning to marry.

He said: I should not marry him because we are not meant to be.
He also tried convincing me to marry him.

Since then, I became uncomfortable staying in that house, because he started coming around more than usual, looking for me everywhere in the house.

Pronouncing some evil that might happen if I did not marry him.
I became scared at first, because some of these prophets can see into the future through diabolic means.

But I was rest assured that if I can leave that house, I am free. Later that day my aunt called me, and said the same thing her prophet said, trying to convice me, and she gave strong reasons why I should not marry my fiance.
Haba! aunt just like that?
After how many years of fasting and prayer on Iworoko mountain
Though I shook my head as if I heard everything she said, but within me I knew what I was in for.

At last, I quietly left that house in peace and for good, but because I did not listen to her advise and that of her prophet, she never attended my wedding and stopped other family member of my dad from attending, saying I never listened to her. ..
This was an aunt who can foot the bills of my wedding ooo, but because I did not listen to her, she refused to play her part

Dear brothers & sisters aspiring for marriage.

Have you ever come across prophets,pastors who told you they saw revelations about your future wife or husband to be?

Have they prophesied doom&woe regarding your marriage to come?
Many times these people can see into the future through diabolic means.

If care is not taken and you cannot pray well, you might see those prophecies manifesting in your marriage.

Now this:

What are the convictions you’ve got about that brother or sister you are planning to marry?

Are they strong enough to convince even the devil himself that God has really spoken to you that he or she is the one for you?

Do you know only what you are convinced about is that which will stand the test of time?

Both now and In the future.
Many have been misled either by their pastors, parents, friends & prophets not allowing them marry the right person that they are supposed to marry.

I have heard testimonies from one of my pastors’ wives who her biological parents never attended her weddings, just because they were not in support, but later supported them after their wedding, when they saw how God was with them.

Fear has torments, I was already getting scared when my aunt and her prophet said these things.

These sets of people will create fear into you. Are you ready to face your fears?
They will get you discouraged and weaken your faith. You ready to encourage yourself in the Lord?

They will even pronounce doom and woes
but I tell you fear not, since you now know who you believe, and how strong your convictions are, you know you are not going into the battlefield alone.
Many have fallen into such traps of deception.

Many have been blindfolded not until they got into the marriage and their eyes got opened, they now realised there was no turning back for them.
Some women became mad in the process
Many have died in the process of trying to escape from their evil and wicked spouses.
There are some spiritual battles you may not be able to fight alone, until both of you come together.

When you stand on those promises God has given you and you later get married, don’t loose focus, keep fighting on your knees and victory is sure.
Let your convictions and revelations from God be your guide.
God bless us all.

..Victoria Mayowa is a Counselor.

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