May 6, 2021

Nigeria Police To Involve Experts In The Investigation Of Imo State Governorship Election Results:

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Nigeria Police Involve Experts In Imo State Election Investigation:

Nigeria Police officials has announced the deployment of forensic experts to start preliminary forensic investigation into of the 388 polling units results submitted by Senator Hope Uzodinma to the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

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In a conversation with newsmen in Abuja, the Police authorities stated that full scale forensic investigation of all the documents submitted to the Supreme Court will be done using the latest technology. The sources went on to unveil that the investigation will commence in ernest and the result will be made public.

Meanwhile, the decision to adopt the latest technology and experts in the process according to an insiders, is with the solely aim of investigating the alleged electoral malpractice and re-examine if the submitted results are genuine or not.

The authorities has assured that the result from the forensic investigation will be published.

From the latest development, according to the source, the police authorities from in all ramifications are ready to prosecute the offenders after the necessary investigation.

“The alleged fraud has been reported to the police as the handwork of some members of Senator Uzodinma’s group by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)” says the source.

“the investigation will serve as a deterrent to those involved, while it will be used to determined the type, scope of the election and also save the nation’s credibility crisis and an as well show the conduct of election in black and white to the whole world to see.

The device according the police authorities will sort out the wheat from chaff in term of multiple voting and multiple signatures, handwritings used etc. This is the extent the police is going to clean it’s image and enhance electorate confidence in Nigerian electoral process and preserve our nascent democracy.

“Because we have seen that the acceptability of electoral results in Nigeria is a huge task we are doing everything to encourage global best practice”

There’s no doubt that recent initiative by the Nigerian police is a welcomed decision.

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