Nigeria: Summary Of The Arguments At The Supreme Court:

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-This is how it is going now at the Supreme Court according to the AIF Media:

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Kanu Agabi counsel to Ihedioha.

KANU Agabi – My Lords, they tendered results of 366 polling units while the judgement gave them credit of 388 polling units so how did the 22 extra polling units come about?

KANU Agabi – Uzodinma’s counsel called for fresh election after declaring the election invalid. In the real sense he gets a benefit which he did not ask for. Our case is differs from that of Bayelsa.

KANU Agabi – The number of votes cast at the election exceeded the number of accreditation by over 129,000

KANU Agabi- they did not achieve the constitutional required spread from what I have submitted.

Damian Dodo counsel to Hope Uzodinma

Dodo – there is total lack of jurisdiction for this court to revisit its judgment of 14th January 2020 either as an application for review or an application for set aside. this court has consistently and rightly so held that there is lack of jurisdiction to seek for appeal over its judgment.

KANU Agabi- when I was a child my father will beat me to cry and also beat me to stop.

My Lord, please we are crying and do not treat us like my father did.

I ask you set aside that judgement

CJN asked: lf the judgement is set aside what next?

KANU Agabi answered: then the Judgement of the Court of Appeal will be held.

Dodo, counsel to Hope Uzodimma is asking the court to dismiss the application for incompetence and lack of merit.

Dodo – There is no difference between this case and Bayelsa. There is no jurisdiction to review and this application falls short of that as it is a nullity.

Dodo – There is no constitutional backing for this court to review its judgment.

Therefore the decision to review is not tenable

The votes due to Hope Uzodinma from the 388 polling units were wrongfully excluded.

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