June 15, 2021

Emir Sanusi’s Removal Is Illegal By Audu Bukarti:

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The purported removal of Emir Sanusi is unconstitutional, unlawful & illegal. The Kano State Govt asserted in its Press Release that he’s dethroned for insubordination and violating the provisions of Sections 3 and 13 of the Kano State Emirate Law 2019.

By section 36 of the Constitution & the natural justice principle of audi alteram partem, a person accused of wrong must be afforded fair hearing. It means an independent arbiter must give the accuser and the accused an opportunity to present their stories before deciding one way or the other. This wasn’t done. It was Ganduje that levied the allegations and went ahead to decide.

The above also violates the second principle of natural justice which says “nemo judex in causa sua” (that’s no-one is judge in his own cause). In the instant case, Ganduje is accuser and the judge at the time. This only happens in jungles that are devoid of due process.

The law made last year by Ganduje, under which Emir Sanusi was purportedly removed, doesn’t make provisions relating to fair hearing. In this sense, the law has contradicted the Constitution and by Section 1 of the Constitution, any law that contravenes it is illegal and void.

I believe Ganduje & his crowd know this, but they chose to violate the law because they are notorious for disregarding any law or judgement that doesn’t suit them. Their likes have turned Nigeria into a Banana Republic. They’re why Nigerians lost faith in the rule of law.

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..Audu Bukarti is an activist.

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