May 15, 2021

Group Of Engineers In Australia Mistakenly Ended A Problem That Has Lasted For A Century:

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Group Of Engineers In Australia

in Australia, a team of engineers has solved a problem that has lasted for more than half a century.

Following a suggestion made by scientist and Nobel Laureate Nicolaas Bloembergen that the nucleus of a single atom could be controlled using only electric fields.

The erudite scientist made this known to other scientists in the year 1961. the engineers at the University of New South Wales took it up upon themselves to achieve that result proposed by nicholas.
And have just achieved it by solving the problem.

An artist’s impression of how a nanometer-scale electrode is used to locally control the quantum state of a single nucleus that is inside a silicon chip was profound.

Andrea morello ‘professor of quantum engineering’ said :”This discovery made by the engineers means that we now have a pathway to build quantum computers using single-atom spins without the need for any oscillating magnetic field for their operation,in a statement. He added : “Moreover, we can use these nuclei as exquisitely precise sensors of electric and magnetic fields, or to answer fundamental questions in quantum science.”

Quantum computing, permits computers to manipulate information in extremely sophisticated ways, it aims to provide more powerful computing than current.

the University of New South Wales maintained that the discovery was made by mistake, the researchers were originally attempting to perform magnetic resonance on a single atom of the chemical element antimony. “However, once we started the experiment, we realized that something was wrong. The nucleus behaved very strangely, refusing to respond at certain frequencies, but showing a strong response at others,” Dr. Vincent Mourik said’,his also a lead author on the paper, he mentioned this in a statement. “This puzzled us for a while, until we had a ‘eureka moment’ and realized that we were doing electric resonance instead of magnetic resonance.”

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