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JESUS IS CALLING By Joy Edjeren: There is a day coming, when the Lord Jesus will tell you: I used outbreaks of virus and pestilence to discomfit science and to turn your attention to me but you did not repent,

I exposed false miracle pastors that are not of me so they don’t lead you astray but you did not repent,

I used a little child to preach to you in order to show you that my spirit is no respecter of persons but you did not repent,

I used earth quake, tsunami, and all the elements to draw your attention to myself but you did not repent,

I used an ex-Nollywood actress to teach you my words and my ways but you did not repent,

I even used a mad man to preach a perfect gospel to you and yet you did not repent from your sins and wicked ways. Rather, you found all of my doings amusing and you did not cry out to me to save you. Now depart from me and go into everlasting torment with the devil and his angels!!

Jesus is using this season to call you to real repentance not fake repentance. This is the time to sit back and meditate on your life…are you a sinner, crying out to be saved? Or are you just afraid of death by Coronavirus?

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..Joy Edjeren is an Ex- Nollywood Actress

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