Biafran Child, Esther Okehi Celebrates Her Birthday:

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Biafran Child, Esther Okehi Celebrates Her Birthday:

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Ndu Kelechukwu Wrote: WHO KNOWS HER?.

Ok, let me do small intro about her.

Her name is Esther Chimhurumnanya Okehi.

If you was/are one of the adherent Listener of Radio Biafra London back then in 2015,

she was the Six years old girl that always come on air from Senegal to pray for MNK and how she wants Biafra to be restored for humanity.
Right from that day, MNK Adopted her as his Child.
When it comes to Biafra war song , she can sing all.

This beautiful Princess happens to be why I am a mother today. She is my best friend and comforter. She has been my source of happiness. She has been there through my rough paths, during my pains sickness suffering agony etc.

She has being here. My prayer warrior. Many times I could have become a history. But whenever she kneel down to pray on my behalf she will say, God please Heal my mother, if she dies, no body will train us. Please keep her alive for us. Surprising to me, I will be Well again.

Sometimes I ask, what would have been my faith if she didn’t choose me to be her mum. Sometimes I asked, am I Worthy to have this gift from God?

Sometimes I will want to sit her down and tell her many things as if I may leave her unexpectedly one day.

She will say, mum, I know you have a story to tell me, I know your heart is full of pain, though I witnessed some but, there are others I didn’t see. Truth is, it is not yet time to tell me any story, I am still a child. When the times comes, I will ask you about that. What I need from you now is to be strong for us.

Everyday she turned a year older, I remembered how I nearly lost my life whilst giving birth to her, I remembered how she started drinking garri at the age of 4months, I remembered alot but I am always filled with happiness that she is still her in my arms, making me happy as I see her growing.

Today she turns 11years old. Adam, as you are plus one today, may you continue to grow from strength to strength. Evil shall never befall you. You must be the head andn not the tail. God grace shall forever be upon you. In my next world, I will still be your mother. I love you Esther.

Happy Birthday day Adam.

11/11.. God of 11th Hour will Keep you for me.


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