May 8, 2021

For The Good Of Imo:

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For The Good Of Imo By Desmond Ekwueme:

Someone sent me this photograph and asked for my comment. I tried to find out if it was photoshopped but I discovered, it was not. My findings equally revealed that it was the visit of the present Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma to his predecessor, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha shortly after the latter was sworn-in as governor.

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Yes, a Governor has emerged irrespective of what anyone thinks. He will remain Governor at least for the next four years. But my take on this picture is that IMO MUST MOVE ON. Suffice this to mean that all hands must be on deck to move the state forward. Imo is bigger than a single politician or group of politicians.

The interest of all should be the state and not on individuals. The state is like a military barracks where soldier will come and go yet the barracks remains. In other words, governors will come and go….but the state will remain.

In the light of this, all true Imolites must put their differences aside to work together for the unity, peace and progress of our beloved state. Politicking is over….Election is over….Legal battles are over….It is time for governance. Governance is not about Hope Uzodinma but about Imo and her people.

Each time I read the message of Ihedioha to Imolites shortly after the January 14, 2020 verdict of the Supreme Court, I hear the call from a statesman, a patriot and a true Imolite asking for Imo to be in the heart of all. The message simply was IMO FIRST. That message was seen as almost being dented by the series of protests and the application for review of the judgement , but indeed, they didn’t take away the heart of Imo in the man behind the message. He loves Imo dearly as depicted by that message.

We have been a laughing stock before the world. We have been a tool in the hands of the judiciary….and we have equally been the centre-stage of political drama. Now is the time to close ranks. We have to stop playing party politics that polarises our state. We have seen over time that our problem is not about the political parties but the individuals carrying the identities of the parties.

Let’s work together for the good of Imo.

.. Desmond Ekwueme is an educationist.

Image source: Imo State files

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