May 8, 2021

Covid-19: The Propaganda, Lies, Half Truths And Deceits:

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COVID-19 : THE PROPAGANDA, LIES, HALF TRUTHS & Deceits By Desmond Ekwueme:

The Covid -19 Pandemic is no lesser nor different from a real or full blown war situation. Indeed, it is even more sophisticated than war because it has held the entire planet Earth on the jugular.

Like war, the greatest weapon or toll of Covid-19 is propaganda, lies, fears, deceits and half truths. No war last without propaganda….no war wins or loses without propaganda….and the Covid-19 Pandemic has latched on this massive advantage to spread and terrorise mankind.

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Yes, it is as real as life but it’s greatest ally is man who it has even come to destroy. Ironically, it is a creation of man….and man has aided it’s spread….not just by refusing to obey simple instructions of precautionary measures but more importantly and dangerously, man has employed propaganda, lies, fears and deceits to hasten it’s spread.

In the genesis of Covid-19, came the theory that China created the deadly virus by error of secretly attempting to produce and acquire a biological weapon to challenge and cage other superpowers particularly the United States of America. It was reported that a certain American lawyer is suing the Chinese government for $20trn for creating this virus.

After this came the theory from the mill of propagandists that, it was actually the United States of America that secretly developed the virus and used secret intelligence agencies to inflict it on China to checkmate her economic prowess, technological strength and military growth and might.

In between, came the story that went viral…the revelations, declaration and lamentation of Late leader of Libya, Mouammer Gaddafi who once alledged, that the western world creates diseases and or viruses deliberately targeting Africa….and also create the vaccines just to milk African economies by cajoling African leaders to buy or patronise them with millions of dollars.

Recently, some high profile personalities across the world including some people here are insinuating that, the whole noise and trouble of Covud-19 is political. They say, it is to defraud unsuspecting nations and people of the world. They equally say, it is a ploy by the powerful to enrich themselves hence the names of the high and mighty being linked to Covid-19 and testing positive to the virus.

Prince Charles, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Late Spanish Princess Teresa Maria among scores of others who tested positive to the deadly virus.

In all these, one thing is obvious, man hates himself so much. Man is his enemy. No wonder the Holy Book submits that, “the heart of man is desperately wicked’. Man wants and desires to play God. He wants to rule the world which he did not create. He lies, plays pranks, pretends and is full of tricks….just to acquire power to dominate and oppress others. Man is so sinful and even inhumane to himself.

Today, America claims she has discovered the vaccine. The next day, it is France that boasts that she has created the vaccine yet the day after the number of cases skyrockets. America once banned China from entering her country over the Covid-19 Pandemic. China banned United Kingdom and United Kingdom equally banned America. What a game of politics with human lives! Politics of banning some choose to call it.

The above stories, propaganda, lies, half truths and deceits have continued to spread the Covid-19 Pandemic like a wild harmmattan fire threatening to consume the world.

This is not suggesting or agreeing that these propaganda and lies are truth….neither is this writer saying, they are completely lies. Speculations and rumours are often treated as news in the media…because there is no smoke without a fire.

However, I dare ask, which of these stories do we believe or accept as true or truth. The theories are so confusing and complicated especially if you follow the realities of global politics and international diplomacy and relations.

The genuine truth in summary for the average man to believe is that Covid-19 is real. It is destructive and it has no cure yet. But with adequate precaution, one can remain safe and healthy until the solution and vaccine is discovered.

God save us all….especially from or in the hands of those of us who seek to destroy the world!

..Desmond Ekwueme is an educationist.

Image: Pexels

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