5G Network And It’s Agenda:

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BY: Ngah Acrossy Ikechukwu

I’ve been following this all from the start….. I have researched alot on the internet, as well as aquired from sources documents from the “dark web”

This all started with the Australian Bush fires…. the fires were firstly not an accident… the areas the government needed were sprayed down with strontium 90 and aluminum oxide which are the materials used in sparklers!!

This meant the fires burnt alot hotter and were much harder to put out hence why fire fighters could not understand why they were so bloody hard to control, how they burnt in a perfect pattern, and that even weeks after fires were put out there were still hot spots in the ground of 500+ degrees Celsius (this has never happened before) the trail of the fire is exactly the same trail of the land the government needed to start there high speed train network and building of the smart cities between Melbourne and Sydney (this was all documented and planned well before the fires)

Do some googling on the company CLARA

Enter the company CLARA. This company had planned this train network and smart cities a long time before all this however they needed the land and needed 5G to work for there plan to work…. so all of a sudden out of no where bush fires happen, the fires burnt the exact path that was needed for the train network…..

Now the people that want to buy there land back are being advised not too and it’s either being bought back from them at good $$ or they are being told if they build they can’t be insured as it’s not a safe area so are forced to sell in some cases bluntly being told to move elsewhere.

Now it gets interesting…. land secured time to start rolling out the plan, they start to hint to the world about 5G, the public backlash sign petitions and don’t want it, all off a sudden wuhan where 5G was up and running and capable of making up things releases a virus which is a MAN MADE bio weapon, it starts spreading to scare people into a Lock down.

In the mean time China turns off 5G, while everyone is in lock down here in Africa scared of getting sick, parliament here passed a bill allowing 5G structures to be built as we need them apparently, this all happened with NO media coverage, now when everyone is home they are putting these towers up mostly at night and early hours of the morning…

They are popping up everywhere I have so much evidence of it, these towers are dangerous and not good for humans. 5G radiation can cause similar affects to corona but it’s not the same the virus, I believe the virus was released on purpose (as countries like Africa etc where there is NO 5G people have got sick with the virus) so they are working together with ONE agenda in mind a new world order.

So the virus is working as a way to get us to lock down, next step a vaccine which is being funded by Bill gates is being developed… this vaccine they are saying should be ready early next year (yet other vaccines have taken years to develop and trial) this one is being done and allowed much faster…. Why? because it’s going to be forced on us and it will have a microchip in it, Its an RFID implant for us and especially the next generation as alot of these towers are built close to schools etc.

Once RFID chips are in and 5G works that’s the new world order, our kids will be fully traceable everywhere they go, exposed to higher levels of radiation causing more cancers etc. And the scary bit is we don’t know exactly what the chip implants are capable of doing if needed.

Everyone will be able to be ID’d with a scan, everything will be tracked, cash banned, it’s all coming together…. Its not a good thing, hence why so many are fighting back against 5G.

The other thing is they have been trying to get vaccines forced for a while now to make it the “norm” for example kids who don’t get normal vaccines can’t go to school or kinder, kids not vaccinated parents have centrelink payments cut… But then they say it’s voluntary vaccinations? Next step is this will be forced onto us.

Now 5G runs as high as 60ghz, this affects oxygen on a molecular level, which means it’s harder for us to get enough, so while many of the older generation may die mid this (they will blame the virus) however June 2020 is when the completion of the 488 5G towers in Aus are supposed to be turned on and ready….

For people in there 20s and 30s who are used to 4G it will have some affects until we get used to the new levels, but it’s the young ones that will be getting used to those levels of radiation growing up so less affects in that time, however it will still be damaging on them.

This also makes sense as to why the virus seems to have very little affect on the young and mainly targets the elderly and later middle aged. However the whistle blower in China who was a healthy doctor 32 years old “died of corona” says the media?…. doubtful… he was killed off by the Chinese government for trying to warn people.

When have we as Africans ever been put into a Lock down like this? Never… why because something big is happening..mm

Enter the new world order, where all transactions are monitored, no cash, we will all be under surveillance, freedoms taken away, tracked where ever we go, and our poor kids who knows what in store for them.

Ngah Acrossy ikechukwu is A Biafran Activist

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