June 15, 2021


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Then On Going Civil War In Benue Igbo By: Comr Nweke Cedric Ifeanyichukwu

As far as I’m concerned, civil war is still going on in different parts of the Benue Igbo communities.

Political subjugation, ostracism, hatred have been so far characterised by the so called unfortunate government in the state against the Igbo community populace.

At times, I do question the sincerity of those that claim to be Christians who have so far being piloting the administrative duties of the government that have also decided to dent their consciences because of tribalistic sentiments and hatred.

In all the communities in Benue Igbo as I am typing this right away there’s no any government awarding WAEC institution in the area after the civil war till date except the one built by Catholic Church which is St Charles secondary school Apa Ogbozu in Ado LGA, Benue state.

Despite the teeming population and voting strength of our people, the most populated polling station in Ado LG is Umuezeokoha polling unit which is under Akpoge/Ogbilolo ward still you can’t find any governmental project in any of the area where the Igbo people are quartered be Izzi, Mgbo, Ezza or Ebbia.

The fact is that anybody whose attitude is domiciled with arrogance, deceitfulness and shenanigans shouldn’t in any be allowed to occupy any public office as his action in discharging his official duties maybe partially motivated which will also cause public disgrace, dissonance and profaning the creators order on the maltreatment of Humans.

Our story in Benue state is yet to be told in the sense that the level of selective injustice and dehumanizing acts against our people is purely undemocratic, appalling, anathema and immorally shameful before our creator.

It is on record that Benue state government never regarded our people as human being as they are. I can confidently assure the ungodly oppressors of our people that nothing lasts forever and posterity has already recorded and still recording the numerous atrocious acts against the indigenous Benue Igbo.

We’ve been on daily secret onslaught, our women raped, physical confrontations with many harmful objects.

My questions are:.

1) Before the war in 1967 was there any rift between the Idoma people and the Igbos?
2) After the war in 1970 Idoma people should tell the world where the Benue indigenous Igbo had wronged them both in political and otherwise.

If there’s no answer to the questions above, it means that pathological hatred and anger are still running around their veins and arteries.

We are no longer safe and comfortable living with people whose hearts and lips are occupied and filled with anger, hatred, evil, and lives full of sadness and mendacious attitudes.

The colonial masters that dragged us into northern Nigeria and Benue state precisely have created worst crime against humanity and God the creator by forcefully subjecting millions of our people to slaves in this modern day historical context.

We’ve been illegally fined, tortured, beaten up only because we went to farm the day their shrines are been appeased.

Benue state and Idoma people precisely are our present day Egypt which we are no longer comfortable living with them any more.

The enormity and the magnitude of their political and administrative incompetence and dimwittedness is what we are tired of and can’t keep tolerating it any longer.

It would be greatly fantabulous if the government can mercifully move us back to our ancestral state and region which is south east.

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