June 15, 2021


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As we know, God does not author or authorise confusion. And His Word is Aye and Amen . He swears by it and His very Name is also an oath. Which is the meaning of ELIZABETH. And this is why He can forgo the created world-and even the expanses of heaven. But not His Word,now made Flesh. By logic,also, He does not forsake the world of humanity. But He wills that mankind should attain its apogee through a careful understanding and application of His Word, which expresses His own Will.

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And this is what Jesus was on, as well as all about, the whole time He was addressing His disciples and listeners . He had made man to sustain, retain and contain His creative work and methods. And nothing more! And the only Person Who undertook to spread this message was the One Who was with Him in the beginning and through and for Whom all things were made. Therefore, His sacrificial action pleads more consistently than that of Abel. The only acceptable sacrifice for pardon.
And so, as Jesus confirms the Word of Promise-of salvation- He restores and renews all things. All for man’s sake. For God said to Abraham: I am thine Reward. Notice the emphasis. Not just his rewarder but the very Prize to be coveted.
As such He dispels every notion or shadow of doubt or confusion in us. And despite the whole tissues of lies attending His death and resurrection, He goes ahead of us to Galilee, to meet us there. As a human being, He was subject to the laws of nature, of time and space, and therefore He mentions a physical location as a meeting point-a thing that a spirit is incapable of.
Through the Spirit of God instead, all manner of men, including Thomas the doubter, reach absolute freedom through the placement of their implicit faith in Him. My Lord and my God!

But why did it take so long ? Why could our little faith not connect ? With God, these things are possible. And if the Spirit of God, Who raised Jesus from the dead, abides in us, He shall strengthen our hearts and understanding. He will meet us all at the point of our various needs and heal our broken hearts and lives. For by means of the same oath, Jesus had said: As Moses lifted up the brazen serpent ( made of brass ) in the desert, even so shall the Son of Man be lifted up. And I, if Am lifted up, shall draw all men to Myself. Therefore, Yeshua, Whom all flesh awaits, come to us to renew our thinking. Let us understand the truth of Thy Word and Thy Covenant. Let us return to the truth of Thy Kingdom and live it in our hearts. Teach America, China, France, Britain and the others to think , say and profess WE-rather than Me .Let the disturbing incidents of our lifetime teach us an eternal lesson of love, which will outlive everything we know and have. Abomination for extreme greed, selfishness and wickedness in all their ramifications!

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