May 12, 2021

Good News In Italy As Virus Cases Reduces Drastically:

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Good News In Italy As Virus Cases Reduce Drastically:

One of the members of the medical staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) talk with a patient in the COVID-19 unit of the Policlinico Sant’Orsola-Malpighi hospital in Bologna on April 15, 2020, during a lockdown aimed at curtailing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, Miguel MEDINA / AFP

Just in: Italian health officials eulogised Friday as the number of people currently being treated for COVID-19 rose by only a few hundred for the first time since the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic

Meanwhile, data from the civil protection service confirmed that the number of those under hospital attention or recovering at home under medical supervision rising by 355 to 106,962 on Friday.

But the figure outside the outbreak’s Italian epicentre in Milan’s norther region of Lombardy went up by just 11 cases.

It went up by 344 in Lombardy itself.

The number had been rising by at least 1,000 a day nationally for over a month.

“In absolute terms, we have had had the highest number of recoveries since the start of the crisis,” civil protection service chief Angelo Berrelli told reporters.

It should be noted that, Italy’s official death toll still rose by another 575 fatalities Friday to 22,745 — second-most after the United States of America.

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The number of people currently suffering from COVID-19 is counted separately from the number of new officially registered infections.

That figure rose by 3,493 on Friday — about the same as it has been over the weeks.

The generally improving picture prompted the civil protection service to announce that it was suspending daily briefings and moving to a twice-a-week format.

The Italian government is waiting for the green light from leading doctors to commence lifting an economically destructive lockdown that has left millions Jobless in the country.

The current restrictions are due to expire on May 4 and the government is planning to partially lift stay-at-home orders in regions where new cases have sharply dropped.

The government’s public health council chief Franco Locatelli hinted Friday that regions south of Rome may be allowed to resume something resembling their old way of life next month.

“We have prevented the spread of contagions in southern regions. This is now a fact supported by (Friday’s) figures,” Locatelli said.

But the rate to which businesses are allowed to open across the economically vital north will be determined by impacts of the devastating Coronavirus.

Sources stated that “Italy is still digging though data from individual regions to determine the health and economic effects of its worst crisis since World War II”

Few months ago, undisclosed figures from its public health institute said that nearly 17,000 medics have been infected with the virus since Italy’s first COVID-19 death was recorded on February 21.

Before this time, some Italian doctors have been panicking that infected health care workers may have been unwittingly spreading the disease to their patients.

An update published by FNOMCEO medical association on Thursday revealed that COVID-19 has killed 125 doctors in Italy.

In another study by Media reports Friday said that more than 30 nurses have also died of the virus.

Doctors understands that Italy’s accurate number of deaths could be doubled the official figure in some of the worst-hit provinces around Milan.

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