Workers Attack A Chinese Company In Ogun State, Nigeria, Goodwill Ceramics:

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Workers attack a Chinese company in Ogun State, Nigeria, Goodwill Ceramics.

As Nigerian government extends the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown by two weeks in Nigeria, especially areas that have cases and suspected cases of coronavirus in the country, people are finding it very difficult to feed.

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On Wednesday, April 15th 2020 workers of Goodwill Ceramics embarked on a protest.

According to a report from Ademola Fayehun, One of the Nigerian top journalists, “They stated poor working conditions & unpaid salaries. @Wilfredshady said on Twitter, “We were held inside the company for 14 days of the lockdown without proper feeding and they’re now asking us to leave without giving us anything.”

We’re fighting for our rights – workers at Goodwill Ceramics, a Chinese company in Ogun, Nigeria, before rioting over poor working conditions & unpaid salaries. They said they were locked inside the company for 14 days of the lockdown, working without proper feeding. They were asked to leave without pay.

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