June 20, 2021

Covid-19: Kaduna State Deputy Governor Disclaims Text Message:

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Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, has denied the story making round on different social media platforms, alleging that she has decided to help a Kano-based family that lost their loved one to Covid-19, because to failure to get medical care.

In a statement signed by Maryam Abubakar, Senior Special Assistant on Public Communication said, while Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe sympathizes with everyone who lost any family member to the pandemic, and prays that God heals all those infected by the virus, the text message in circulation is nonetheless false in its entirety.

As a matter of, the statement categorized the text message as injurious falsehood which is aimed at casting the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State in bad light; and should therefore be ignored.

As the Chairperson of Kaduna State Task Force on Covid-19, Dr Balarabe is saddled with the task of coordinating Kaduna State response against the pandemic, an assignment that is as daunting as it is demanding.

For this reason, the Deputy Governor does not have the time to engage in what can be termed a ‘’fishing expedition” by jumping into a matter that is not within her jurisdiction.

The Deputy Governor advised people to put the lockdown into positive use by engaging in more productive endeavours, instead of making their idle minds the devil’s work-station by spewing fathom tales that cannot be verified.

Dr, Hadiza also advised unsuspecting members of the public to always verify the authenticity of every piece of information before sharing them, or else they will be as liable as the originators of the fake news in the eyes of the law.

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