May 8, 2021

Israel Set To Commence Covid-19 Vaccines Testing:

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Israel Set To Commence Covid-19 Vaccines Testing:

Israel’s company has announced their readiness in testing Covid-19 Vaccines shortly.

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United with Israel online news platform 26th April 2020, reported that Vaccine maker MigVax said it will be possible to manufacture millions of doses of the potential vaccine following clinical trials.

It also reveals that the company working on a COVID-19 vaccine will begin human trials in this summer.

MigVax, an affiliate of the Migal Galilee Research Institute, will conduct safety and effective assessment in rodents beginning next month, March.

Meanwhile, Phase 1 of clinical trials in humans will start during the summer which will last six to nine months, Professor Itamar Shalit, senior MigVax researcher and director said.

The source stated that: “the startup is working to adapt a vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)—a coronavirus strain causing bronchial disease in poultry—for human use”

According to The Jerusalem Post, “MigVax researchers aim to adapt the vaccine for the avian coronavirus into a new oral sub-unit human vaccine against COVID-19, based on their great genetic similarity and identical infection mechanism. Except for some required genetic adjustments, researchers say the same vaccination concepts should apply in humans.”

The company said it will be possible to without delay and inexpensively produce millions of doses of the future vaccine, which is made using bacterial fermentation. Since it does not include the virus itself, researchers said it will also be safe to use on immunocompromised patients, adding that it has fewer risks of side effects.

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