May 8, 2021

Principles And Boundaries Involved In Marriage And Courtship:

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Principles And Boundaries Involved In Marriage And Courtship, By Paul Paulinus

Marital Courtship simply means is an act or period of relating or understanding the character or attitude of an engaged brother and sister who has agreed to marry or betrothed each other; after an introduction and endorsement of both family members or background.

It is period of self consciousness; praying and fasting because it’s the most tempted period for every betrothed individual going into marriage. The sexual urges and passion is always intensive–therefore many bridges and barriers ought to be implemented.

However if you have concluded of getting marry or betrothed to someone; there must be boundaries or an intermediate limits that ought to be enacted while in courtship; because that is the greatest tempting period of every marital engagement.

Furthermore, during this event there is what is called “The Warning Marriage Bell” This warning bell it’s a divine program from the Lord in order to compel both partners for an urgent manifestation of their ugly sides, an ugly attitude which they will tend to suppressed or hidden from each other’s. The marriage bell comprises,

  1. The Warning Bell.
  2. The Wedding Bell.

The Marriage Warning Bell:

The marriage “warning bell” is always experienced by anyone who has beheld his/her life partner. It always rang continuously in the ear of those who has already engaged or about to takes their marital vows.

God will definitely cause the brother/sister whom you have engaged to unveil his/her ugly attitudes. God will always endeavor to preview unto you several irritating character of the person for personal decision making, whether to proceed ahead with the marriage or dissolved it.

Those unveiled irritating character you behold in the life of the sister/brother were ignited for you to behold the pathetic nature of him/her in order not to cried and start blaming God after the sound of the wedding bell.

Howbeit, if you marry because of pity or blinded by love and refuse to meditate and take heed to those warning bell signals. And decided to indulge into Marathon of praying and fasting and hoping for him/her to change to be transformed spiritually or mentally,

Honestly, you are the most ignoramuses Christian on earth. How thou heck do you think you’re going to convert or change someone ugly sides? I mean, when have you becomes an Holy Ghost? a.k.a, The Great Converter (I pity you because you are a big fool).

Those signals are from God in order to preview what your partner is made of. And also to get you equipped and ready to endure and tolerate whatsoever you might behold in your marital business; so you wouldn’t blame God or charge him foolishly after the final Wedding Bell as Adam exhibited.

Boundaries Involved In Courtship:

When the above warning bell is on course there are some certain rules and regulations which ought to be implemented between an engaged brother and sister who has agreed to marry or betrothed each other.

  1. The sister/brother must not visit each other houses privately and if they intend to visit there must be an involvement of 3rd party member either a friend or sibling who will escort them and also serves as bridge to interrupt any unpleasant uprising even without the 3rd party awareness.
  2. The betrothed lover that visited must always use the 3rd part as a security Guard and he/she must always be in sensitive with an activated senses.

Therefore the 3rd party must always be present in close range and if there is an emergency cause for the 3rd party to leave, the visited sister/brother must likewise excused with his/her escort.

  1. They must not been seen intimately during those period in an unsightly jungle but rather publicly. They must built-up trust and respect each other godly opinion as two mature adults.
  2. There is need to be watchful for phone calls, text messages and social media chats because there is high tendency of invasion of sexual lust. So, both betrothed lovers must always play safe while conversating in order not to sprout sexual lustfulness.
  3. Their conversation must base on the agenda of understanding each other likeness, character, degree of wisdom and knowledge, temperance, spiritual growth etc. Hence every slight discussion about sexuality must be annulled such as foreplay and bed activities.
  4. This is a period of spiritual upholding and each other must serves as a prayer partner, a means whereby they ought to encourage each other about the needy to attend upcoming night vigils, mid-weeks church fellowships and interceding for each others in prayer.
  5. It’s also a period to widen each other knowledge and understanding about marriage principles by stricken conversation with grannies or elder’s who has already spent decades of years in marital journey which they intended to sojourned.
  6. There is also need for both betrothed lovers to seek out where marriage seminars are organized and ensure they both honored such reviving programming because there is needs for an adequate preparation if they pray to have and enjoyed a healthy marital life, because God can’t come down to widen your understanding about marriage. You must go out there and seek for it.

However, “Marriage Warning Bell” can ring for months and years while associating in courtship or trying to understand or know more about the attracted partner while “Wedding Bell” only rang once and afterward the rest is history–for better or worse until death do’s apart.

The Wedding Bell:

This is the last ringing bell in every intended marriage relationship and after this bell; no more turning back. It is a vowing bell of acceptance of each other before the presence of High priest of Jehovah in his Holy Sanctuary.

Howbeit; after taking such vows and exchange of Bible (Please no wedding ring) and a covenant oath to cherish and love each other until death do’s apart—-there is no turning back or divorcement.

In nutshell, after traditional wedding (Payment of dowry) the real business commenced because Church or white wedding is just a ritual (ceremony) and it’s not mandatory. Marital journey began a day after wedding and whatsoever character you behold in your spouse please kindly endured.

Danger Of Dating Or Casual Relationship:

The course of dating or involvement of girl/boyfriends relationship was never inclined with the scriptures. It is void and totally unscriptural. The scripture only indicate that of Joseph who was betrothed or involved in courtship with Mary.

Moreover, either you entangle yourself into dating or worldly relationship with unbelievers or pastor’s daughter; the fact still remaineth;—–Friendship or relationship has nothing to do with SEX. Every girl/boyfriends relationship you soul ties will definitely result into sexual immorality or lustfulness.

The devil isn’t foolish and neither stupid, so stop taking him for granted as a fool. He is the most patient and cunning element ever known among the angels while in Heaven.

He personally strategize a coup d’état and eventually convince about 1/3rd of Host of angels in Heaven who were created by light to joined him, while a mortal human like you created with (Earth) dirt, thought you can outsmart Lucifer in your carnal knowledge without abiding under the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

The devil always wore garment of camouflage as a serpent. He can stay idle and remained calm for decades of years—-programming, studying and strategizing before stricken. And whenever he strikes, it’s always deadly because to recover from such horrible shock would amount the Grace of God.

(Show Me a Worldly Relationship without Involvement of Sexual Immoralities; then i will show you the grave yard of the GREAT MOTHER OF HARLOT)

Therefore; i would encourage you began to prepared for marriage if you seriously want to involved into godly relationship. Getting married should be your quest and not friendship or dating.

I urge you began to Pray and seek God’s face and guidance for marital breakthrough if you are matured and seriously determined not to falls into sexual tempts.

I degree that the Lord God of Heaven shall program each and every one of us (spinsters/bachelors) to behold our life partner and hasten a financial breakthrough for the brothers who has behold their heart desire but stranded by financial limits in Jesus name.

Paul Paulinus is an Evangelist from Nigeria you can visit his website @

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