May 8, 2021

Virginity Is Not Enough:

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Virginity Is Not Enough, By Richard Oluwasola Emmanuel:

Hello Sister Bimpe, I know you are a virgin and you never stop aspiring to keep it, I love that. Sister Esther, I know that you have determined to keep your own virginity too till your wedding night and only for the right man; I am proud of you for that. What about you Sister Ruth, oh no; I heard that you have been carrying this issue of virginity on your head ever since you were 10 years old. As a matter of that, I heard that you have turned down many guys whose mission is to sleep with you and make you lose your virginity. I really love that and I want you to know that I am always proud of you. It is very good to be a virgin even as the Bible admonished us to be one. Yes it is very good, but virginity is not enough. If the only thing you got to offer your husband is your virginity, then you have little to offer, because marriage needs more than your virginity. Marriage will test you and will reveal your true worth, I mean your real worth behind your virginity. Indeed, heaven will rejoice over you for keeping your body, they will rejoice over you for not staining your garment and for not going against God’s standard which commanded that the bed should not be defiled. In as much as it is important for a young girl to keep her virginity, it is equally important to add virtues to it, for this will distinguish her from other virgins, and she will be treasured and cherished by whoever get married to her eventually.

Have you ever thought about it that virginity does not build home? Have you ever thought about it that virginity will not teach you basic life etiquettes? Having these in mind, how prepared are you for the challenges ahead of you when you finally got married?. When you marry, your virginity will not be able to help you out on wifely duties. As a matter of fact, your much earned virgiity will be taken from you on your wedding night; hope you know that? At the level of your matrimonial home, you need virtues.

Let me break it down for you. One day, you will get married to the love of your life, but have you ever thought about it that you are not getting married to him alone? Yes I said not only him because you won’t be dealing with him alone rather you will be dealing with him and his family inclusive. Have you ever thought about that? You are marrying not only your husband but your husband together with his family, and these are people with different attitudes. Some people among his family might be aggressive, some proud, some flirt, some arrogant and some may even be prvocative. How do you intend to cope with that if the only thing you get is virginity?

The Bible recalled the story of the ten virgins in which five were wise while the remaining five were foolish. What distinguish the two set of virgins are virtues, and that is the extra oil that the wise ones had. Where do you belong sister? Where do you belong my friend, wise virgins or foolish virgins? When you are ONLY a virgin, you are JUST a common virgin with little or nothing inspiring about you, but when you add virtues to your virginity, you are an uncommon virgin; one who is precious and priceless. By virture of that, you would know how best to build your home (family), relate with people without stepping on anyone’s toe. Virtues make a virgin to be unique, treated with love, address with high level of respect and cherished like diamond.

To all the virgins reading this, in addition to your virginity, add virtues: virtues like good and godly character, treating of people with respect and honour, shunning of backbiting and gossiping, imbibing of humility, shunning of pride, being soft spoken, knowing when to talk and when to keep quiet, being polite and gentle, being quick to listen but slow to talk and when you talk, let your words carry power, let them be filled with deep meanings and show a very high level of intelligence.

Your virginity will make your husband believe in you that you have been decent all the days of your singleness; he will respect you and adore you for that night but whether he will continue adoring and cherishing you or not depends on those virtues you possess. Virtues draws sincere attention and affection from people and if you carry same to your matrimonial home, you will be forever cherished, pampered and loved by your husband, his family and by his friends.

You need virtues to relate with people not virginity. God values your virginity and so do people too, but your virginity is only needed by your husband while people need your virtues; your good and godly virtues. There are countless number of virgins outside there but aspire to stand out among them. Be unique and be uncommon. Let the world be proud having you in it; let the upcoming generation hear about how you kept your virginity and the kind of woman you are and be inspired to follow the same path too. Let those who have lost theirs hear about you or know about you and be pricked down to their hearts. Be an example of inspiration. The rate at which marriages is collapsing these days is alarming even among those who got married as virgins. This tells us that virginity is not enough. A virgin with virtues is whom you should be.

Stay blessed

..Richard Oluwasola Emmanuel is a Christian from Nigeria.

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