Why Would A Man Of God Run Mad?

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Why Would A Man Of God Run Mad, By Dr Oluwaseyi Obembe

He was brought to the psychiatric ward in chains by hefty men. He stood up aggressively with terrifying look and started speaking in tongues. He pointed finger at us and threatened to curse anyone who touched him by the “anointing and unction upon his head”. Obviously, he was a “Man of God”.
While I was still wondering what could have happened to the MOG, few days later another man of God was brought by his wife and church members.
Why would a man of God run mad? I asked myself. Out of curiosity, I engaged the wife in an intimate discussion, not as a doctor now but as fellow believer.
The wife confided in me and said, she was a church founder of over 300 members, called of God into the prophetic ministry. But when she got married, the husband will never allow her minister in her church again, instead he would always subdue her and take her ministration slots in the church.
So one day he was conducting a deliverance session, a meeting the wife was supposed to lead. And after the meeting he couldn’t stop praying. Initially they felt it was revival.
But he continued praying like that for days and started talking out of context.
At that point, they bundled him to the mental clinic.

And John tried to prevent Him, saying, “I need to be baptized by You, and are You coming to me?”
Matthew 3:14‭

John and Jesus were family members, born 6 months apart.They probably lived in the same neighbourhood playing around naked inside the rain.
But When John discerned Jesus as the messiah at river Jordan, his perception of Jesus changed immediately, he suddenly saw his unworthiness to baptized Jesus.

But Jesus said to him, “Permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness
Matthew 3:15

Jesus had enough spiritual sense not to refuse to be baptized by John because he knew what John represented to Him in the spirit.
Apart from being a fore runner of Jesus John was a gatekeeper to a prophetic lineage that Jesus needed to identify with in order fulfil His purpose.

For example, Saul never manifested the prophetic even after he was anointed until a gatekeeper (Samuel) ushered him into the company/lineage of the prophets and the prophetic mantle fell on him.
Likewise, the calling of Jesus was to baptize men with the SPIRIT and FIRE.

….He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy SPIRIT and FIRE.
Matthew 3:11

But Jesus couldn’t enter into the fullness of that calling until He was ushered into the lineage/company of the ancient baptizers. It is true that John was a young man but he was carrying an ancient mantle that Jesus needed for his own purpose.
Scriptures says that John had the spirit and power of Elijah. As a matter of fact, he was referred to as the second Elijah.
Elijah was an ancient baptizer, he baptized Elisha at river Jordan with double portion of his SPIRIT and also “baptized” the servants of king Ahaziah with FIRE.
So, if Jesus would successfully fulfil his calling of baptizing men with SPIRIT and FIRE, He needed to put aside all the great prophesies that had gone ahead of Him and humbly submit to a father (John) that had the ancient mantle of the baptizers, and be initiated into that dimension.
So what happened on the mountain of transfiguration when Elijah and Moses came to fellowship with Jesus, was simply the family reunion of the baptizers.
Oh yeah, 1Cor 10:2 says the Israelites were baptized at the red sea. So, Moses also was a baptizer.
Peter did not understand this revelation, and that’s why he protested that 3 different houses (temples) be built for each of them. But one house was good enough for such family members.
For 30 years, Jesus lived as a mere man without any supernatural assistance, He would have as well died a mere man if He had refused to be baptized by John out of pride and overfamiliarity. His access to that lineage of grace would have been cut off if he had chosen to baptize John.
Be careful never to perceive your spiritual father as your son in the Lord because you are older and richer.

John Alexander Dowie, a mighty healing evangelist in the 18th century rebelled against mother Maria Woodworth Ether (spiritual head) because he couldn’t understand her prophetic operation. When he was backsliding, he had no one to restore him.
How many young men have died premature deaths because they were rebellious against men God placed over them?
How many young men have missed their destinies just because they never perceived their gatekeepers rightly and got too familiar with them.
How come you call him your father in the lord but you always watch out for errors in his sermons or posts and even criticize/correct him publicly?

Listen!!! God is a “family man” and as such, His grace runs in families. When you despise gatekeepers, you close yourself up to the supernatural portals that are specific to the families they represent.
Ultimately, I pray that the Lord will grant us an accurate spiritual perception of the relationships in our lives in Jesus’ name.

Oluwaseyi Obembe is a Christian Doctor from Nigeria.

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