April 17, 2021

Kastina State Protest And The Police Arrest:

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The Katsina state indigenes especially the youth took to the street to demand for the resignation of president Buhari since he can no longer protect his people.

Thy also protested and called for the resignation of their governor, Aminu Masari if he can no longer protect them

Recall that armed bandits and criminals have been on rampage for about a month in the state killing and kidnapping people with little or no security success to halt it.

The protest which was led by Nastura Sharif, the chairman of the board of trustees of Coalition of Northern Group against lingering insecurity in the north were seen removing billboards of the president and some calling him a failure.

Later on Tuesday after the protest, the leader of the protest, Sharif was arrested. Some stated that he was arrested because of the protest he led while describing the actions of the government as undemocratic and pure violation of his constitutional right to hold peaceful protest.

But the purported protest he led has been declined as the reason for his arrest.

Reaffirming this, Adamu Aminu, the director of operations for the same Coalition of Northern Groups that Sharif leads spoke with journalist on Wednesday stating that Sharif was arrested for allegedly defaming the president’s media aid, Femi Adesina.

He alleged that Sharif called Adesina a bigot and that he (Adesina) was rejoicing over the killing of the innocent Nigerians in the north stating that it was the reason as alleged why he was arrested.

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