April 17, 2021

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By Oluwa Semiye Michael:

Dear fellow christians,

Financial prosperity don’t literarily answer to church going, prayer and fasting or drinking of anointing. Instead, it answers to hard work that is anchored on smart ideas that are pushed with the right skills and approach.

The Ark of Covenant didn’t turn to money in the house of Obe-Edom, it caused the work of Obed-Edom to be blessed. In other words, if the Ark lives in your house and it finds nothing in your hands to bless, you will remain poor and very poor.

The church is not a shrine. There’s no juju that makes money ritual in the church. Sowing seeds in the church without profitable venture or labouring is a waste of your hard earned money. Sleeping in the church and doing one year day and night vigil won’t make someone mistakenly transfer all his savings to your account and end his own life.

Crusades and revivals are not for money making. They are for salvation and spiritual growth. Prayer don’t create physical money, it only causes our work that is done the way it should be done to flourish and attract money.

Have you wondered that on many occasions, the best jobs done in and for churches are those done by contractors and service providers that are none members? Have you seen situation where you meet a follow brother sleeping and crying in the church praying for financial breakthrough and feel touched to help; you ask what he can do and he said car mechanic and you ask him to come check your car so, at least from there you can introduce him to your friends and associates. But then, your car that didn’t have accident suddenly after he worked on it became a right-off car. This is a man who instead of investing on sharpening his skills has retired to church asking heaven to transfer the wealth of the gentiles to him.

If you see anyone who says he prayed and became rich, tell him I said he lied. People work, and they work hard and smart and then ask God to bless their justifiable efforts and not the other way round.

Why do we go about this the wrong way? Why did some men of God reduce prosperity to sowing seeds and sleeping in church instead of raising skills bar and grilling innovations…?

Church goers today now sneak in and out of different churches to find greener pastures. We now see heavy prophetical declarations here and there. When results fails to show, people get frustrated and they begin to do the unthinkable.

The church is place of relationship with God through fellowshipping with your christian family. We come to church to strengthen our journey to heaven by helping ourselves to navigate this world with every sense of caution. The church is our kingdom family center. You don’t need to come to church, pray or be a Christian to make money or become rich. That’s why unbelievers also get rich.

If you want to be rich, go and find what you love to do and do it well and then share your story with God, you will be happy you did.

Stop running around looking for what is not lost. Stop allowing yourself to be deceived. Use your prayers to strengthen your relationship and Communication with God, but find your paths and work hard enough to become rich.

.. Oluwa Semiye Michael is a follower of Jesus Christ and a Project Coordinator from Nigeria.

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