Worlds loneliest Elephant Freed

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An elephant who has become a cause célèbrè for animal rights activists around the world will be allowed to leave his Pakistani zoo and be transferred to better conditions, the animal welfare group helping with the case has said.

The elephant named Kaavan, who lives in a Pakistani zoo, lost his partner in 2012.

Kaavan, who is overweight, underwent a full medical examination at the zoo on Friday, said Bauer.

Dubbed the “world’s loneliest elephant” by his supporters, Kaavan has languished at a zoo in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad for more than 35 years.

Martin Bauer, a spokesman for Four Paws, said on Saturday that the elephant has finally been given medical approval to travel, most likely to Cambodia, where he will find companionship and better conditions.

In May, Pakistan’s high court ordered the Marghazar zoo closed because of its abysmal conditions, which were blamed on systemic negligence.

The cause of rescuing Kaavan from the zoo’s dire conditions attracted the attention of animal activists around the world and celebrities, including American singer Cher, who lobbied for his relocation.

Kaavan has until now been forced to live a solitary life in a small enclosure

During the medical examination on Friday, kaavan was examined to be overweight.
showed signs of malnutrition.

His nails were cracked and overgrown apparently from years of living in an unsuitable enclosure with flooring that damaged his feet.

“Following the checks, which confirmed Kaavan is strong enough, steps will now be taken to finalise his relocation to an animal sanctuary potentially in Cambodia,” Bauer said.

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