Three words… KNOW YOUR CRAFT!

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Know Your Craft!

By Edwin West

For those of you who don’t know him, his name in Isreal Adesanya, a New Zealander of Nigerian heritage, who is the reigning middle weight champion in the UFC, a mixed martial art franchise.

He began his rise to the top of the UFC about two years ago and has since left a trail of defeated former champions and contenders in his wake.

His most recent fight was against Paulo Costa, aptly nicknamed ‘The Eraser’, another undefeated fighter who has been tearing through the division. He is a beast of a guy, his power is crazy; he knocks people out for fun!

It seemed a mismatch, the ‘skinny guy’ vs. the powerful beast; a modern day David and Goliath story and true to type, David took the day with some pretty great precision shots.

What’s impressive is Israel called it! He said he was going to do it, told us how he was going to do it, and it played out just as he said it would.

Isreal defeated Paulo Costa because he is a true master of his art! He is always striving to improve himself. He studies the greats, improves his technique and is always prepared to put on a show.

He studies his opponents, finds their weaknesses, puts together a plan to take them out and executes that plan to perfection! His decimation of Costa is an example; he completely dominated him!

Maisie Williams once said; don’t strive to be famous, strive to be talented. Isreal is proof that your talent will bring you fame and fortune.

Do you want money? Would you like more profitable and consistent income streams? Do you want to be successful? Would you like the fame that comes with being successful?

BECOME A MASTER OF YOUR CRAFT! Know your craft so well, that even those who don’t like you acknowledge that you are great at what you do!

Izzy is a true professional. He has had 100 fights, lost a couple, learnt the lessons, made improvements and won lots more.

He has dedicated himself to being a better fighter each time he shows up, and cementing his legacy as an all time great!

What’s your craft? How dedicated are you to becoming a true master of your craft?

Your money/success/legacy is in your dedication!


.. Edwin West is a member of Headstart African community

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